15 Creative ways to separate rooms without walls

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During interior decoration of a house it is always divided into various sections for carrying out different activities and the arrangement of furniture and other objects is done to suit the purpose for which the section is created. Depending on the space available these sections or rooms are divided by solid walls made of brick and cement and dressed in colors to suit the ambience of the region they face.

But there are times when we seek to create different spaces in one large region and separate them without solid walls in a delicate way through room dividers. These dividers can be transparent or opaque depending on the privacy and connectivity required in both areas. In this book of ideas we bring you samples of space dividers in which rooms have been divided in obvious and subtle ways that will inspire to create personal solutions.

1. Simple lines

A beautiful bedroom decorated in neutral tones is split into two sections by a simple barrier that maintains connectivity. There is ample flow of fresh air and light across the room as the barrier is made up of flat floor to roof panels with sizeable gaps in between which covers half the room. The neutral toned panels that subtly separate the sleeping quarters from conversation zone of the beautiful bedroom showcase an elegant way to separate without walls.

2. Effective seperation of mezzanine

The mezzanines are a very efficient way to take advantage of extra vertical space in addition to separating rooms. An ideal solution for properties with high ceilings thanks to which you could get an additional room that never hurts that could turn into a bedroom or study area. The elegant living room and bar is suffused with natural light as is the mezzanine area though there is a fair amount of privacy between both sections.

3. Brick arches between rooms

We all know that curvaceous arched entrance areas are more preferable than standard rectangular ones be it indoors or outdoors so we showcase this trendy entrance that creates an subtle separation between two rooms. Located between two diverse areas of the house namely the living and dining regions, the elongated brick arch adds rustic air to the elegant and classic dining area.

4. A stone screen

The easy availability of stones and their versatility makes the material an ideal choice for interior decorators seeking to give a unique touch to their creations. The stone wall here separating both rooms has a fireplace in between with glass screen that warms up both the regions at the same time while maintaining privacy. Stylish stone wall creates a subtle division between both areas with its color too as the living room has dark tones while the dining area and kitchen beyond is bright and white.

5. Trendy wooden partition

The finer and most important details that are taken into consideration during interior decoration is furniture, floor design and furnishings followed by walls that play an important role in home decor.  The elegant kitchen here with the translucent wall decor is a perfect example of beauty that can be achieved with little imagination if one chooses the right design and location.

6. Low walls

 Black brick walls that seem incomplete are a common element used by decorators to divide different sections within an open floor space like here. The low white walls around the sofa and black walls placed at odd angles create a striking contrast in the region while separating rooms of the house from public view.

7. Widely spaced pillars

Spaced out pillars is also a commonly used method to create barriers within rooms where these are a necessary part of architecture and striations cannot be applied. The difference between floors of both regions is also a subtle and unobtrusive divider of both modern living and dining areas.

8. Twin pane doors

Doors are another way of creating barriers between rooms and when these are made out of carved wood it adds to the style quotient of living room. Doors with two panes can give privacy too as one of them can be pushed back into position when guests are at home to cut off dining area from view of people in classic style living room.

9. Mid wall barrier with fireplace

Minimalist living room gets a facelift with half wall elements such as the fireplace and piece of art in the wall. Here the neutral wall set in the center of two rooms is an effective way to separate regions while retaining fluidity of motion and vision.

10. Bookshelves and more

Separating different sections of large rooms with cabinets, cupboards, transparent glass showcases and open shelf bookcases like the one shown here is a common idea that is applied by homeowners after they have set up all the furniture and accessories in designated places. Here the bookcase with open shelves allows readers to take books from the bedroom and the living room simultaneously.

11. A wooden screen

The wooden wall used as screen in the decor here is an elegant part of décor that lends an earthy touch to neutral walls and furniture. The width of the wooden wall is such that it can be used for storage in the kitchen area as the glass cabinet within wood creates a fluid barrier between kitchen and dining areas.

12. Fancy curtains

Just as curtains on windows and windows maintain privacy between the inhabitants of a house and outside world, these can also be used to maintain privacy between rooms. Here the curtains create a romantic air around the bedroom while separating it from the living room.

13. . Unique headrest extending to ceiling

Want to create a stylish barrier between 12.dressing and sleeping regions of your bedroom? Then try out this unique headrest that extends from bed to the ceiling so there is a private region to keep clothes out of view of guests that may walk into the bedroom.

14. Mid-length walls

This kind of half walls not only help in creating elegant barriers between rooms but also serve as stands for keeping decoration pieces and essentials on them that can be used in both areas. Here the wall is used to divide the bedroom from study and home office.

15. Wood separator

While most wooden dividers in the form of cabinets, sliding doors and opaque panels, this unique design with planks fitted together in a simple design to form a transparent barrier between two sections of the room is an imaginative solution. Though this is a trend common in Mediterranean region it has adapted itself to other design styles around the world.

Now that you have sufficient tips on setting up temporary and permanent dividers within the house it is time to explore Tips to create more storage space at home.

Which room separator idea did you like the best? Do let us know in your comments below.

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