7 different ideas of wall decorations to make your home beautiful

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Every house says something through its wall. It is the walls that stand tall to make a building your home. The first thing you think of while decorating your home is the walls. It is where you show up your style. The design of your home depends heavily on the way you decorate the walls. The furniture, accessories, tapestry, curtains, flooring… everything in home is chosen to complement the walls. Isn’t it? So the wall decoration and the way you present it shows your personality and design sense. In this idea book we have brought for you a complete guide that will help you to choose the most appropriate style of wall decor for your home.

Let’s have a look!

​1. Carvings on the walls

The wall carving looks classy and elegant. Think of a beautifully carved partition to separate two areas of your home instead of erecting a simple wall. Loosen your creativity and show the artistic side of you here. You can keep it fixed to a wall as a permanent fixture or keep it as movable folded doors to use any where you need. Experiment with the materials too. Carving could be done beautifully on wood, wrought iron or stones. This three-dimensional wall will look so wonderful that it will instantaneously grab all the attention, still hiding behind it what you want to hide.

2. ​Coloring the wall

The simplest way to decorate the walls is by coloring it. But there are lots to do when painting the walls. You can play with colors when doing the room of your children or show your aesthetic self when selecting the color of the living room. However, be careful while selecting the furniture and décor of the room. The furniture and paints should complement each other and be comfortable for your eyes. If you have dark color furniture, choose light colors for the walls and vice versa. You can also keep the furniture in natural color. It will look great in all color and tone!

3. ​Curtains as a decor

Every house has windows which need to be covered. Obviously it is done by curtains. The right selection of curtains can change the complete look of the room. It’s your personal choice whether you want to have curtains in single color or printed. You can also have multiple set of curtains to suit the weather and your mood.

4. ​Cover it with wallpaper

There are lots of options available if you are planning to decorate the walls with wallpaper. Cover all the walls of the room or just one wall, but do it with style. If you are using wallpaper on one wall only, paint the other walls accordingly to complement it. The color, pattern and texture of the wallpaper will look classy and trendy.

5. ​Mysterious lighting

It looks elegant! Simple lamps fixed on a wall, pendant lamps hanging from above or a few hidden bulbs on the wall spreading light; proper lighting can change the look of the room and your mood too. You can create a romantic environment or mystic charm in your home just by playing with lights on the walls.

6. ​Wall hangings, a piece of art

You need beautiful painting to hang on the walls. Without it the walls look monotonous and barren. Choose the paintings according to your taste, budget and the ones that go with the color of your walls. A beautiful painting looks more beautiful when framed right. Just make sure that you don’t turn the room into an art gallery.

​7. Textured wall

The color is magical but a texture has the power to transform the look and feel of the room. It is something very simple, but makes the room look stylish. Select a wall and then use any materials like wood, tiles, raw bricks, stones for texture or just paint it differently drawing birds, nature, graphic or anything of your choice and see the transformation.

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So what are your plans for your walls? Please share it with us.

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