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One of the best ways to make a house beautiful is to add the right type of lighting. There are many different ways by which lights can be added to every room of the house. From chandeliers to hanging lamps to small bulbs placed in the false ceiling of the room there are many options available. Here, we take you through the beautiful Nahata Residence, designed by In-situ design, professional architects from Bangalore. The residence has been so designed that it looks like a perfect blend of modernity with creativity. Let's find out some ways to add creative lights to your house.

Starting with the garden outside

Lighting is not just for the inside of the house, but also for the outside. A large garden such as this deserves several lights placed strategically and at intervals to bring out its beauty. One line of overhead lights is necessary to facilitate visibility. In addition to that, small lamps can be placed in between the plants on the ground to light them up.

Enhancing brightness of the room with the right color walls

Implementing the chandelier, even though it is powerful and can provide ample light, is also needed and this can be done by placing high voltage bulbs overhead at intervals. The use of white paint on the walls also adds to the brightness of the room. The color of the walls would play an important role in proving how effective the lights actually are and for make your lighting successful,  choosing the right color for the walls is very important.

Corner chandelier in the living room

Most people place chandeliers in the center of the room that hangs from a height, but there are many other ways of using a chandelier too. Placing them in a corner above a table is a good idea. The chandelier used here has a good length and hangs only inches above the table, but since it is in a corner it does not cause any inconvenience. Notice that the chandelier has a series of fairy lights which makes it powerful enough to be used alone when all other lights are switched off.

Bronze work chandelier in the dining room

Using modern and chic chandeliers in the dining room is a trend that is catching on. The kind of chandelier used will depend on the type of furniture one has used. If one has gone with wood tables or antiques, then using metal chandeliers would be advisable. If one has made use of a glass table with complementing chairs, then a modern or chic design of chandelier would be better. The design used here is very unique; a number of hanging lamps placed together at different heights. Notice that there is a considerable distance between the lamps and table; this would make it possible for the light to reach round the table. The chairs have used a yellow colored fabric and the bronze tone of the lamps complements this very well. Similar kind of lamps can also be used in the bedroom to create a soothing effect. Again, these lamps can be used on their own or in addition to other overhead lights.

Creating a space to read

Whether it is in the bedroom or study or a corner; if you want a place where you can read, then you need lamps that are placed overhead. This would provide the best angle for abundant light while you are reading. Large overhead lamps are a good option, especially those that have an adjustable stand. These lamps are strong and provide ample light to make reading easy and comfortable.

Hope this architecture has provided you with ample new ideas for embracing up your interiors. If you are looking to refurbish your home lately, do not forget to browse through this ideabook : A multipurpose home full of surprise.

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