Which fence to choose for your home?

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There are several advantages of fencing the house. An enclosure certainly makes the house more secure and induces a feeling of safety in the minds of the residents. It creates a secluded shelter where the small kids and pets can play in the confinement and stay under the supervision of the caretaker. Even in the suburbs, the houses are getting built quite close to each other and the elements of privacy are getting lost. Fencing is a great option for the families looking for some privacy. But aside from the utilitarian values of the fences, they also provide great landscaping benefits. An aesthetically laid out fence can instantly transfigure the appearance of the house. When it comes to choosing the fence for the house, one may get overwhelmed with the number of choices available. Here is a quick look into some of the most popular fences available in the market today and their benefits.

Metal Fence

The metal fence certainly provides added security to the house. There are many styles and textures to choose from, and the metal fences may also lend the feel of sophistication, class and antiquity. Since there are numerous patterns to take the pick from, design options are never limited with these types of fences. Metal fences are usually made of aluminium, wrought iron or chain link. Undeniably, wrought iron is the strongest, thus most secure, of all. It is also the most attractive among the 3 metal fencing choices available. Given the qualities, no surprise wrought iron is also the most expensive. Aside from the high purchase price, wrought iron installation is pretty labour intensive and is also high maintenance. If appearance and quality could be compromised, and finance is a constraint, aluminium and chain link could be considered.

Brick Fence

One of the greatest advantages of erecting a brick fence is that it is incredibly durable. Once built around the house, the owner may not need to worry about another fence for several years. If built with high quality concrete, no surprise if they last even for a century. But strength is not the only perk the brick fences have to offer. They have virtually unlimited decorative value. With so many types of wall paints and nearly endless colour choices, once stuccoed, they can be styled up in a zillion ways. The brick fence can truly tie up the entire house premises together like no other. High durability and low maintenance makes them one of the most preferred choices of the house owners worldwide.

Wood Fence

Wood fences, inarguably, have been one of the top choices of the homeowners who want to lend the distinct visual appeal to their house. Wood offers timeless appeal to the home decor – whether interiors or outdoors. Traditional or contemporary, all types of house deigns can look extremely elegant with the nicely laid out wood fences. There are a number of options available for the wood fences. Different types of woods have different visual charms. Depending upon the personal choice, budget, and the existing looks of the house one can fringe their property with these classy fences. Wood fences are nearly as durable as wrought iron and certainly not as expensive. This is another reason why they are one of the favourite picks of the homeowners. For more inspiration on fencing for pets, have a look at tips for a pet friendly home.


An evenly trimmed hedge around the house is truly a great fencing option for the homeowners. Aside from creating a boundary, the hedges can cosmetically contribute to the house in many ways. The hedges make for a perfectly natural addition to the overall decor of the house. Hedges are especially suited for the houses that have a flourishing garden as they blend flawlessly with the planting without being unnecessarily conspicuous. Hedges can also be changed to catch up with the mood of the season. They are cheaper than the fences and require low maintenance. However, they are not as strong as some of the fences and when security is one of the major concerns, fences may have an edge over them.

Stone Fence

Regarded as a splendid supplement to the backyard and garden, stone fences or stonewalls is the classic example of the finest masonry practices for the times unknown.  While building a stone fence may be quite challenging, once built it gives a truly unique touch of class to the house. The combination of some of the finest stones such as granite, flint, and sandstone blends naturally and perfectly with the background and offers an enriching look not only to the garden but to the entire property. Available in nearly inexhaustible range of colours, textures, and shapes, stones offer a huge ground to be creatively experimental. Apart from the looks, stone fences also extremely durable and resistant to weathering. And they require almost zero maintenance.

Fence or No Fence?

“To fence or not to fence?” This indeed is a pretty baffling question. Unfortunately, no one can answer this question for the homeowners; they need to decide based on their best judgement. ‘Fenced’ or ‘unfenced’ both have their own sets of benefits. One will need to weigh their personal preferences and needs and then choose one over the other. A fenced house does have added security and privacy. If these two are the priority factors for the homeowner, they must get their house fenced. A fenced house helps in noise reduction and gives a feeling of containment. It also presents many landscaping choices. An unfenced house, on the other hand, sidesteps the hassles of regular maintenance and is possibly more warm and welcoming to the neighbours.

Fencing is a perfect option for the homeowners who are looking for security, privacy, and noise reduction. It is also meant for those who want to enhance the visual appeal of their house. There are a number of fence choices available and can pick according to their finances and personal preferences. For best fencing options, contact Morganland today

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