15 spectacular ideas for your staircase railings

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Creating focal points in your house can help bring the entire layout together. Staircases are one of the most simply designed spaces in our whole house, but turning them into a piece of art is not that difficult. To give your staircase railings an element of wow here are 15 spectacular design ideas that you can use.

1. See-through glass railing

One of the easiest and the cheapest way to make your staircase look good is by replacing the traditional railings. By adding a see-through glass railing on the staircase, it will uplift the entire look.

2. Horizontal bars

If you too have a similar looking u-shaped staircase in your house then adding parallel metal bars like these can help you achieve a great look for your living room. They are not only beautiful but can also help in close an open area for added safety.

3. Combining materials

To give your staircase a more personalized look combining two or more materials is an excellent choice. As seen in this picture the designer has used metal railings with blocks of wood to give it a customized look.

4. Less is more

By keeping your staircase simple, you can easily achieve the illusion of space. By seeing this picture, you can understand that the designer has used only wooden planks on a sturdy metal bar to construct the staircase. They have only used a thin metal railing so that the overall view is not of obstructed.

5. Geometric design

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To create a unique looking design for your metal railings, you can add geometrical figures or designs. Design similar to these are usually made of hollow metal bars that do not increase the weight of the railing, but they surely add up to the sturdiness.

6. Wall railings

Another great way to utilize the staircase space well is by situating them near a wall. Using a wall as a railing for added safety can also make your staircase look beautiful. Spiral stairs like these are usually set in corners to give additional stability to the structure.

7. Metal cables

One of the most loved designs today are these metal cables that have replaced the traditional railings. These cables can be used in a group of two or more for giving additional durability and are usually held in place with metal bars.

8. Wall metal railing

To keep the design simple of your staircase adding a single thick metal rod as a railing can also be a great idea. These rods can be added straight to the wall so that they do not require additional materials to hold them in a place like seen in this picture.

9. Vertical glass panels

To use a see-through glass panel in a modern way adding them vertically is highly recommended. Cutting out long panels of glass and then placing them vertically with an equal amount of space in between can give your staircase a new look altogether.

10. Wood frames for glass

To add more structural support to your glass railings adding wooden frames above and below it can also work wonders. The designer for this staircase has used a light color wood frame to hold the see-through glass in its place.

11. Wide metal handles

If you do not have a long staircase than using such wide metal handles for the top part of your ladder can also help you achieve a great look. These handle railings are not only light weighted but are also budget friendly.

12. Blinds or facade

If you are just looking to cordon off your staircase from the rest of the space then using screens or similar looking for facades can also work. These facades are light weighted and can be constructed easily for multifunctional purposes.

13. Glass box

Building a huge glass box around your staircase can give you a great look and an illusion of space at the same time. The primary purpose of such designs is to make your staircase look brighter and not hinder with the natural source of light.

14. Artistic

If you are someone who loves art then using creative ideas to construct your very own railings is also pretty easy. Using small wooden planks to create a mesh-like structure can be utilized as a great facade and railing that makes your staircase look beautiful.

15. Wall staircase

Embedding your staircase panels straight into the wall can help you achieve a chic look. These staircases are the perfect option where space is limited, and you are seeking to blend the ladder with the entire decor of the rest of the area.

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