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Leigh Leigh
DANKE Architekten Modern dining room
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We are going to travel to Germany today, where we have a real treat for you!

Designed by architects Danke Architekten, this home is a wonderful example of sustainable architecture at its finest. It will prove to you once and for all that going green doesn't mean compromising on comfort, style or charm.

You'll fall in love with the clean lines, earthy tones and innovative design of this 1249 square foot home today!

Let's take a look!

A mix of materials

The front of the home is private and stylish with a predominantly grey cement facade. This contrasts beautifully with the wooden garage and bright red front door.

A flat roof neatly packages the architecture below it, while the gorgeous green garden softens the look and feel of the exterior design.

The wooden garage is the perfect example of how trend and functionality work hand in hand. If you're looking to redesign your garage, have a look at this article: 6 extraordinary garages to protect your car.

Panoramic views

The back of the house is far less private than the front of the house, with a cube-shaped structure that juts out over the landscape. A large glass window allows for a wonderful connection between the interior and exterior spaces. It truly allows the family to feel like they are one with nature! It also allows sunshine to flow into the living spaces.

The shape and style of this part of the home is very savvy and aesthetically appealing. 

The cement facade allows the home to blend into the beautiful greenery and surrounds.

A little terrace

The living areas of this sustainable home spill out onto a little wooden terrace, which features an orange awning for shade. This is the perfect area for relaxing in the sunshine and fresh air. 

Wood is always a great material for a terrace or deck as it is natural and looks warm and charming. It is also sustainable and durable, lasting in all weather conditions. Just make sure you maintain it and that it features a good coating.

View from inside

If we step inside the cube, we can see how the natural and raw elements translate into the living areas. 

The living room features a minimalist look and feel with a slightly rustic touch. The star of the show is of course the glass window, which frames the incredible green surrounds. 

Cozy furniture in shades of beige work with the wooden floors and walls, while a cushy rug adds a sense of comfort and homeliness. 

A wooden sculpture introduces a subtle yet striking splash of charm, character and personality to the room. Do you see how with a few well-thought out details, you can create a very appealing effect?

Open plan living

The designers have gone for an open plan design, allowing the rooms to all flow into one another. The kitchen is slightly separated from the dining room thanks to a little kitchen bar. 

The white furniture is perfect for this neutral tones of the home, while we can also see how functionality and trend work in harmony with one another. The fireplace, for example, brings warmth to the home in winter yet it also looks incredibly stylish.

Natural light plays a big role in this home, working with the light floors, furniture and walls to create a very bright and spacious-looking home. This is a must for any modern and sustainable design!

A final look

As we say goodbye to this home, we can see how beautiful it is in the evening. The lights shine out of it to create a very appealing and enchanting overall look and feel. 

We can also see how strategically placed lights in the garden can create a wonderful visual effect.

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