6 Kitchen designs that you will fall in love with

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Building a kitchen of your dreams is in no way difficult. With some meticulous planning and the right sort of elements, you can build or redesign a kitchen of your dreams in no time at all. Throw in some color, a few decals, a bell, some stylish stools and shelves for your appliances and voila you have one helluva kitchen ready!

Today we present some quick and easy to implement kitchen designs that will blow your mind and make your cooking space a cosy haven to catch up with friends for a hot cup of mocha. Read on for more.

1. Simplistic Design

There is nothing better than white marble or granite for your kitchen top. Go for a deep mahogany for the shelves and install wooden shelves of the same color on either side of your chimney. This will beautifully complement your kitchen slab and give your cooking space a rich and elegant look. A large LED light on the ceiling will illuminate your kitchen and add to its beauty.b

2. Do not forget your appliances

Even your appliances can add look to your kitchen. If you are building a new house, choose an L-shaped design for your kitchen which will maximize space and optimize your movements around your cooking space. This design is particularly a great one to pick if you live in a studio or a small house. The dark coloured wood contrasts with the silver finishing of the appliances and the grey white granite slab. All in all one ultra-chic kitchen design, won’t you agree!

3. Opt for light coloured cabinets

Yes, light coloured cabinets do attract grime and dirt and call for regular cleaning. However, they add to the visual appeal of your kitchen. Go simplistic with the design. Add an LED light to brighten up the room, and a bell shaped chimney to add to the design and appeal of your cooking space. This will create an interesting visual appeal and win you compliments from family and friends.

4. Kitchen with cabinets and doors of two colours

If you like it funky, go for a two tone for your shelves. Pick colours like white and a deep brown for a very elegant feel. The white will make your kitchen look larger while the contrasting brown will make your cupboards a visual treat. Opt for a large rectangular rounded sink, and a white Silestone worktop to finish the look.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

5. A kitchen to share with your best friend

If your living room leads straight to the kitchen, it is important that you make your cooking arena look out of the world. Since natural light is bound to flow in, throw in some bar stools where you can relax with your friends sipping a cup of mojito. Go in for an integrated cooking system with knobs, handles et al. This will give your kitchen a refined look without cluttering the workspace. Stainless steel is the way to go for the top and the bar and transparent bar stools will add glamour to the design.

6. Glazed cabinets and a Large LED mount

This design is for those who want a modern look for their kitchen. Glazed cabinets ooze a lot of style and panache. A large 90 cm hood can adorn the middle of the kitchen just above a beautiful marble counter top. This will give it a really graceful and stylish look. Opt for versatile kitchen stools that complement the look and feel of your kitchen.

We hope you enjoyed the 6 kitchen designs. Try them and share your comments.

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