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Have you just started a married life or planning to get married soon? If you answer is a resounding and enthusiastic yes, then this idea book is perfect for you. It takes a lot of efforts to build a life and home together, and in building a perfect home for you, we can help. We bring for you 12 places in your home that will need some modification to welcome your partner. These modifications will help you in bonding and bring you closer as a couple.

​1. A comfortable dining room for family and friends

Life changes after marriage. So should be the decor of your home. You will now need a proper dining room, with a proper dining table and accessories to entertain each other’s family and friends. Design the dining area keeping your visitors in mind, because for an intimate dinner for two this area will be quite large.

​2. Bedroom, from single to double

It is a special room where you will spend the most private and intimate moments together. The first thing to change here is your bed. A double bed should not only be seen as an indispensable piece of furniture, but as a pleasant place to share. Design the space keeping in mind each other needs and preferences.

​3. Compact and functional kitchen with a bar

Every house needs a proper functional kitchen. But apart from it, a cozy bar is a boon for couples. In today’s fast and hectic life, a small bar with a pair of bench is perfect to have breakfasts together during morning rushes or to share drinks and dinners in quite evenings. Choose a romantic color for the wall, maybe red. What do you think?

​4. Balcony near the bedroom

A balcony is a space where you can sit and talk about your day and share some waking hours together before bed. You don’t need an elaborate arrangement for it. Just a pair of comfortable chairs, subtle decoration and lighting would be enough to make your evening romantic.

​5. A small and comfortable living room

A large living room for a couple would be wastage of space. You only need a small and comfortable living room for some ‘us’ time and some place to entertain the guests. Keep the TV here, away from your bedroom. Watch it together comfortably reclining on the sofa.

​6. A romantic place in the hallway

You can squeeze in a tiny table and a pair of chairs in the hallway or under the stairs for relaxed conversations over a cup of coffee. Give it a personal touch. Trust us; it will soon become a favorite getaway of you and your partner.

​7. Terrace for two

Spending time together is quite rejuvenating for any couple. Make it special by arranging for some together moments on the terrace. Basking in the sun or relaxing under the stars, chatting and enjoying each other’s company will connect you. Get inspired from this image and create your own terrace for two.

​8. A cozy little patio

It is always a good idea to have a section of the garden covered and floor tiled. You can enjoy all weather without any disturbance. Install a fan and enjoy the evenings of summer. Sit with your spouse enjoying the rains without getting wet. Imagine enjoying the time with that special person in a patio surrounded by greenery!

​9. Sharing the closet

Living as a couple is synonymous to sharing. You share everything, including your closet. So if you have a small closet, it’s time to extend it to create enough space for two. You will enjoy getting ready together for work or party with someone you love beside you.

10. Lobby for the couple

Of course it is just a passage, but a little personal touch from you will make a whole lot of difference. It will be a great idea to display the artifacts and accessories in pairs, declaring your relationship status. For example two mirrors will look good than one and a long console table is better than a small one.

​11. Study for both

Sharing is good for bonding. But what about it when both needs to work at the same time? No confrontation here! It is better to have space for two in the study than competing or compromising. An extended table and an extra chair will avoid it.

​12. Good sized garage

If both you and your partner own a car, it is good to have the garage or covered space big enough to accommodate both the cars. If your workplaces are in different direction, you can use your individual cars to work. But on weekends, make sure you travel in the same car to spend some quality time together.

Did you like these ideas to make a home comfortable for couple? Leave us a comment.

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