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Exercising is an essential part of living a healthy lifestyle. However, unfortunately not all of us have the time to exercise everyday due to a busy work schedule and hectic family life. Not to mention the time, money, and effort required to workout in a local fitness centre. Now is the time for no more excuses. Let's cut out the unnecessary barriers which are stopping us from being healthy!

Reconfiguring a room to become a home gym is a perfect solution to our fitness woes. What better way to prepare for the fast approaching summer than to get fit and healthy in your own home! If you have an under appreciated room such as a spare bedroom, study, or even a messy old attic, why not transform one of them into a room dedicated to fitness and healthiness? Keep reading to see the very best home gyms that will inspire you to make a change in your home and your life!  

Poolside luxury

Let's hit the ground running with a spectacular example of a home gym. Complete with lap pool, this room provides a generous amount of space to workout. Naturally stained timber panels are used not only for the flooring but also along the ceiling above the workout area. If you look closely you can see speakers inbuilt in the ceiling. The speakers are a great touch that can be used to play a favourite workout playlist. 

Knock out punch!

Exercising at home can sometimes have the same issues as working from home. There are always distractions! Designing a home gym needs to take into consideration these distracting elements and remove them. Here we see a room that is completely dedicated to fitness. Filled to the brim with machines this room ensures long and varied workouts. There's no fear of damage to the homes structure or flooring here. Flooring is hard wearing and designed to be able to survive, even when heavy weights are dropped. So when it's time to workout. Lock the door, leave everything behind, and spend time focusing on your routine. 

Natural feature

The design of this gym allows users to immerse themselves in their workout. Admire the rooms strong connection to the outdoors and the influx of natural light. We love the floorboards, which are a beautiful feature of the room creating a sense of flow to the outdoor decking. Lighting is also spectacular, in particular the long strip of illumination glowing from the indent along the ceiling. 

Space to move around

The Ultimate Sophistication , Finite Solutions Finite Solutions Minimalist gym
Finite Solutions

The Ultimate Sophistication

Finite Solutions

Exercising with a workout partner is a great way to stay motivated. With many machines to choose from in this gym; working out with a family member, or even inviting inviting a friend over to exercise can help keep both motivated and push each other to the next level. 

Finite Solutions have decorated to ensure that workouts within this room is the number one priority. White and cream shades are the dominant shades used for the walls and ceilings. Unnecessary furnishing and artwork have been removed. 

Running solo

Stephanie Coutas's projects, Stephanie Coutas Stephanie Coutas Modern gym
Stephanie Coutas

Stephanie Coutas's projects

Stephanie Coutas

Mirrors are an essential inclusion in a gym. The large mirror allows the user to monitor their technique as well as promoting a deep intensity to the workout. Here we see the mirror placed strategically to give focus while running on the treadmill. Subtle features such as the motivational banner on the floor and the positioning of the treadmill are clever touches. 

Minimalist inspiration

Our last gym on proves that a home gym can also be a room of beauty and interest. Design experts from Decoussemaecker Interieurs have drawn inspiration from minimalist design to create a light and spacious feel to the room. The design of the whole room is outstanding: the visual impact of the lighting along with the grey and white surfaces are the obvious focal point.

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