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A Sink is one of the most essential and highly functional accessories of the kitchen. Gone are the days when A sink used to be just a washing ground for utensils. Kitchen sinks have gained a whole new perspective with the invention of steel designs and modern sensibilities. People have become more receptive towards this kitchen accessory as well and have been showing a lot of interest in contemporary layouts and trendy shapes. However, designing a sink according to kitchen décor and within the decided budget can be quite a risky task. Therefore, to help you, we introduce you to few important pointers and ideas that should be kept in mind while designing a kitchen sink. From the material to the shape and accessories, this article covers it all. Let’s have a look.

Size & shape

Sink with drain grooves on the worktop AD3 Design Limited KitchenSinks & taps
AD3 Design Limited

Sink with drain grooves on the worktop

AD3 Design Limited

Just like any other product, the size and shape of the sink is highly imperative. The size should be such that it suits all your daily requirements while proving to be a perfect fit for your kitchen. The size should neither be too small to be inconvenient nor should be too big that it overpowers everything else. So consult your interior decorator before finalising the size. For the shape of the sink, go for trendy designs that use modern shapes and layouts. This helps to give your kitchen a contemporary and fashionable look. The various shapes include single bowl, double bowl, traditional rectangle, square, circular and many more. Try to be unique and you can even customise the shape according to the needs. For a smaller sized kitchen you can even go for two-tier sink that makes use of vertical height to provide you much needed space.


Drains are an important part of a kitchen sink design. Apart from being highly functional, drains come in a variety of shapes and sizes that serve the same function of letting the water out of the plugs. The drainage plugs are usually designed out of stainless steel as this metal goes with all sink materials. Designed by RI- NOVO natural design, the above design looks highly elegant and classy and is easy to maintain as well. No one likes the sight of food materials flowing into the sink. This happens because of blocked plugs or drainage. Therefore, always go for plugs that are easy to clean and scrape. Try installing a food mesh above the plugs to prevent pipes from choking. Also, install a drain plug that has small pores to just let the water pass through and not the left over food particles. Installing a proper drainage clearing system in your kitchen is another way to prevent pipe blockages.

Advantages materials

Kitchen sinks can be designed in a variety of materials. Some of the most popular materials are marble, ceramic, stainless steel and even wood in some countries. All these materials come with their own share of pros and cons. The advantages of using a stainless steel sink are that it is the most hardy, durable and long lasting. This sink never goes out of fashion and will be your partner for long. Similarly marble or stone sinks look royal, elegant and dapper when installed in a modern kitchen. They impart a clear and clean look that keeps the kitchen classy at all times. Ceramic sinks are the most common sinks that have been used since ages. They sing a harmonious tune with all kitchen decors and are now available in many different colours as well. Wooden sinks, though less popular than others, look the best in a rustic or country style kitchen.

Disadvantages of the different materials

On the flip side, each of these materials have their own disadvantages too. While a stainless steel sink develops easy watermarks and cuts, it might spoil or tarnish the look of your kitchen if not cleaned properly. A ceramic or sink always has the risk of breaking or cracking. Therefore, extreme care should be given to its design, placement and installation. A wooden sink however, is the least popular because of a few reasons. There still has been no wood that will last as long as stainless steel and stone. Wood easily soaks in water through crevices and gets spoiled easily in no time. Therefore an innovative way to use wooden sinks is to have a wooden coating from the outside while the inside can be designed using ceramic or steel. Modern times have tried to minimise all these differences to bring you a stunning sink according to your choice.

Which faucet

Luxury Spirali Designer Sink Mixer - Feature Green Hose Lime Kitchen and Bathroom KitchenSinks & taps
Lime Kitchen and Bathroom

Luxury Spirali Designer Sink Mixer—Feature Green Hose

Lime Kitchen and Bathroom

The one accessory that completes the very existence of sink is the faucet. While revolving and pull out faucets were used in the early days, they have been easily replaced by stylish faucets that are unique, refreshing and functional as well. The faucets come with a gamut of patterns and can be chosen according to budget, décor and space availability. There is also a vast range of tap patterns available that go well with all the faucets. The huge inverted U faucet is highly popular these days as it comes with a contemporary look and elegant design. It looks best with stainless steel sinks but can be paired with ceramic and marble too. Try opting for an additional spray faucet along with the single standing one. Also, for convenience, try including both hot water and cold water supplies for maximum comfort.


There are a variety of supplies associated with kitchen sinks. These include accessories that help to highlight or keep kitchen sink safe and protected. Some of the accessories apart from the lovely looking faucet are draining boards and soap bowls. Now a draining board is required to place the utensils in an organised and neat fashion after they are cleaned. To get them to dry in fashion, we bring to you a draining board design that can be teamed up with the sink to form a single unit. It does not take any extra space and can be removed and replaced as per need. Also, using a soap bowl helps to organise the liquid soap ad scrubbers properly. A shabby looking scrubber would be the least you would like to see while cooking in classy kitchen. So store them well in concealed containers by the kitchen sink.

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