6 Shelving ideas for a home

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Space is a great thing to think about these days while planning a living place. Be it a living room or a bed room, designing space wisely inside the structure gives a lot of benefits in terms of ambiance, neatness and the accessibility to things needed in daily life. Shelves plays a major role in holding the utility things required for home or office in the most appropriate way and there comes the relevance of shelves ideas for small space. The thumb rule to follow while planning and arranging shelves is quite easy, as it should be A place for everything and everything in its place. Moreover the beauty of interiors of the living space, whether an office or home depends upon the small space shelves ideas one adapts.

Wall Shelves

Wall shelves helps to accommodate lot of things inside the living space, could be of small size, but the beauty it gives to the overall ambiance of the area would be simply amazing. It is the wisest way of utilizing the unattended space of the walls inside the structure which can be used for keeping designer pots, flower vases, books, daily life utilities, mobile phones and accessories and many more. The flexibility of wall shelves makes them quite ideal and also helps to open up more floor space by taking up the small precious things to the shoulder height. Let it be any place, a kitchen, an office, dining or bed room, the corner wall shelves would definitely have something to hold.

Tree Shelf

Tree Shelf is a brilliant idea to break the monotony from a classical interior. It is basically a shelf designed in the shape of a tree. Comes in different types of materials like wood, plastic, iron, steel etc., the tree shelf can be installed against the wall and also can be fixed in the center part of a room to give a special effect to the room. This will also provide the user the access to both the sides of the tree branches, wherein one can keep the things neatly. Tree shelf are mainly used for racking books, souvenirs, photo frames etc. and one can design a concept based customized tree shelves as well.

Blackboard Cum Drawer

Everyone are trying to be smart with shelves ideas for small space in the office or home, but maintenance is a big time issue of face in long run. The money one spent on making the store space most smart and elegant would definitely add on to the looks of the structure. The problem comes when the same gets shabby or faded in long run and loses its shining effect. Here comes the relevance of Blackboard cum drawers. These are the best shelf type for hallway or for living room and would be really eye catchy with their shabby effect. The Blackboard cum drawer is a multipurpose storage space wherein one can write down wordings and at the same time can store things properly and also easy to move around with its wheels. Read more about bathroom shelving ideas.

Multi-Function Shelves

Multi-function selves are the best option one can opt for office as well as home interiors considering the constraints of space. The real benefits comes to picture when there is a requirement of a book shelf, utility rack, shoe storage area, a seat or a designer piece to beautify the room. A multi-function shelve will act as all of these. The current trend has changed in such a way that while designing the interiors, everyone gives special attention to utilize the available space to the core by making single units with multipurpose benefits in order to save space and money. Multi-Function Shelves can be used as a table, a seat, a TV stand, corner shelves, separator and many more to count on when it comes to interior designing.

Triangle Shelf

Triangle shelf one of the most brilliant small space shelves ideas one can have for office as well as home space. Incorporating the beauty of geometry to the living space makes it surprisingly wonderful in terms of trendy looks, at the same time for utility purpose. Triangle shelves are very common these days, as people started finding it having better zinc with the other items in the living space. Comes in different materials such as wood, aluminum, ceramic as well as customized concrete ones, one can easily give it the texture as per the wish, which will go matching one on one with other furniture and fixtures in the area.

Table Cum Drawer

Modern shelf should reflect the philosophy of trendy design which zinc with the overall look of the room and at the same token, should be utility oriented. A Table cum drawer shelf would be an apt one to choose for a space wherein the purpose of a table as well as a storage unit is in demand. These storage units comes in wide range of shades and designs from which one can choose as per the texture of the area it is intended to fix. Not only it provides ample store space via its drawers, but also go matching with the interiors of the room to give a classy look. Comes in solid wood, artificial play wood and also in aluminum body, these type of cabinets tends to be the best shelves ideas for small space. For best small space shelves designs, contact Luxury park today.

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