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The humble staircase—probably one of the more overlooked features in our homes, and yet, one of the most important. This fundamental architectural element needs careful consideration to function as an essential way to move to different areas of the house, as well as a stylish interior feature. If you have a multi-storey home, a mezzanine, or loft space, you will undoubtedly require a way to enter these spaces, and a well-constructed staircase is more often than not, the answer. Building a staircase can be an expensive and difficult task, so it makes sense to carefully consider the style and design of this important architectural component. 

With many different varieties and styles of staircases available, choosing one can be a tricky task—take a look at the following examples below, and ensure you judiciously reflect on this crucial and essential domestic fixture.

The multi-level spiral

A spiral staircase of mammoth proportions, this beautiful example spans three levels, and creates an opulent and imposing home centrepiece. Not only does this statement staircase look beautiful, but it also allows a certain amount of light into the home though the atrium style ceiling above. This type of staircase particularly suits homes with more than two levels, but can work wonderfully in a two storey home, or indeed one with a mezzanine as well.

Sleek yet rustic

‘Rustically sleek’ sounds a little like an oxymoron—how can something be rustic if it is sleek in appearance? This staircase manages to straddle the line between a rough and rustic design, but also effortlessly incorporates elements of sleek design. The exposed stone wall brings a sense of history and texture to the space while the glass railing contrasts that and adds a sense of contemporary style and elegance.

Timeless and homely

Choosing a staircase for your home can be a difficult task. Firstly, the staircase is usually built into the centre of the home, the most populated areas, and also the spaces that will make an impression to the overall design of your home. For this reason, you will want to ensure that your staircase design is something in-keeping, and a design that will not date easily. This example is a perfect illustration of a timeless and age-defying design. Homely and attractive in its appearance, this staircase is a wonderful blend of soft timber tones and chic modern design.

Organic and imposing

As well as providing handy access to the upper floors of your home, a staircase is a statement. A fixture in your home that frames the rest of the space, and can singlehandedly evoke a certain mood, atmosphere, and ambience. This is truly a statement making staircase—organic in its form, it weaves around the room against the neighbouring wall, and is as much a piece of furniture in this space as the grand piano adjacent. This staircase offers a great contrast against the white colour scheme, and is a fabulously contemporary design from David James Architects and Associates.

A tiny staircase for a tiny space

Tiny or compact spaces can be tricky to work with, this staircase manages to inject a sense of spaciousness whilst providing a fixture that is, more often than not, imposing and gargantuan. This small staircase is an excellent option for those individuals living in tight or small apartments and want to incorporate a mezzanine, or perhaps another level. It can join a disused attic with the room below, and does so sleekly and unobtrusively.

Classic and age-defying

We couldn’t forget the classic staircase, and probably the staircase that most multi-level homes will include in their design. You cannot go wrong with this design, it is timeless, stylish and offers numerous design and décor options.

The statement staircase

Finally something that is truly out of this world, and looks as though it merits inclusion on an episode of MTV's ‘cribs’. The blue beast of staircases, this wonderfully ingenious, original and creative fixture is sure to act as a domestic centrepiece, conversation starter, and thoroughly enjoyable way ascend or descend to the chosen level of your home. If you want to make a statement with your staircase, make sure you give it plenty of space, and avoid cramming a large staircase into a small space.

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