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Wall paper is an innovative product that can be used to decorate walls, brighten up the furniture and transform the complete environment of a room. The earliest commercially available wall papers created for sale in 1800’s were beautiful but expensive as all were made by hand. These were made on expensive paper and fabric so they would last longer and were sometimes specially commissioned by wealthy folks that decided the design and color to suit their homes. Now machine made wallpapers are accessible to everyone and are available in a wide range of colors, textures, patterns and designs to decorate and customize walls according to personal taste. Trendy wall papers with flowers, geometric designs, plants, and landscapes and wildlife scenes are now used by our designers to decorate homes across the globe.

Sparkling lake in the living room

The breathtaking wall paper in this modern living room makes most visitors want to touch the pink lotuses at least once just to feel the texture of the paper. In an otherwise pristine white room with minimalist design furniture that is accentuated with grey cushions and floor lamp, the bright pink flowers bring a pop of color. The wall paper has been cleverly selected with background of grey leaves to provide a striking contrast to bright pink flowers and blend into the foreground with grey cushions.

Monochrome elegance

Modern and simplistic this design has been inspired by the windy British coast during winter when the trees are devoid of leaves and bend away from the wind. The soft grey background provides a perfect foil against black trees that are swaying with the wind and shedding all remnants of leaves on their branches. The monochrome shades bring out the starkness of bare trees when strong winds slowly whip away the dried leaves from the trees and making them appear like dark skeletons against the snow. This wall paper adds a touch of philosophical air to the living room and can become a good topic of conversations about inevitability of change in life.

Relax in a pretty bower

The dark vivid colors of this realistic mural wallpaper is capable of surprising most visitors who would for a moment think that branches of some tree has overgrown into the living room. Instead of using bright and unnatural colors, the wallpaper has retained the natural tinge of green and yellow that enhances shapes of leaves in the picture. Instead of overwhelming the room with furniture a long wall to wall sofa in muted brown has been used here to complement the patterns on the wallpaper. Stark white floor is covered by a black rug to keep the light sofas clean as they directly rest on the floor and do not have any feet.

Phases of the moon

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Geometric angles are a critical part of this unusual wall paper design that has a medley of pictures of different phases of the moon. Most of the pictures in the wall paper are against black and grey backgrounds that enhances the starkness of the white moon. These are interspersed with daytime and eclipse phase pictures of the moon where it appears as a glowing orange ball. As the most prominent colors in this full length  wall paper are grey and black the sofa and rug in the living room too are grey while the coffee table is white.

Blues Fan Page

This wall paper seems to have been specifically created for fans of jazz and blues music. Filled with album covers of all the greats from floor to ceiling the wallpaper has a neutral white background. Grey sofa with colorful cushions provides just the right balance to the nostalgic wall paper.

Vintage road map

Maps have always fascinated people from all walks of life from the first time when travelers started chartering their overseas trips. This vintage map of London during Victorian times has been renovated and custom designed by Love Maps to fit into the size of customer’s living room wall. The vintage map wallpaper makes a perfect foil against classic style furniture in the living room. Beautiful vintage dresser with side table has been renovated to add to classic style theme and makes the map more intriguing. As the room is large and the large map does not overpower the room and its faint cream tinge gives it an aged look like a genuine map.

Burst of spring

The multitude of colors splashed across this wall paper invites onlookers to try and locate their favourite flowers among them. The riot of colors represent onset of spring when gardens and wildernesses around the world are in full bloom and invite humans, birds, insects and animals to appreciate their beauty. Charming colors of the wall paper are intensified with plain grey sofa decorated with colourful cushions.

Renaissance Art

The amazing design and layout of this grey shaded tapestry style wall paper showcases Renaissance architecture in the best way possible. This is a smart way of surrounding yourself with lavish art of the medieval era if you cannot afford them. The artful wall paper has been designed like tiles of a large puzzle  in different shades of grey with small light blue accents interspersed throughout the scenery. Modern light grey settee matches the background and is accentuated with cushions in different shades of blue and grey. Grey laminated floor with timber design enhances the stark beauty of black and white coffee tables that are placed before the grey settee.

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