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As children grow up they need private space to spend time with friends and study without disturbance of visitors dropping in at odd hours. Most parents turn the children’s bedroom into study area with tables, bookshelves and computers. But if the house is large than a separate study room can be created for the children with a large library, globes, charts and other paraphernalia for appropriate atmosphere. Parents with small children that live in remote areas sometimes prefer to provide home schooling for their wards until they are old enough to travel. Under these circumstances a suitably designed study area can create a schoolroom like effect at home. Here are ways in which separate study areas can be created for children to help them complete their studies without any disturbance.

Warm and Spacious

The ceiling to floor book case cum cabinet in this common study room stretching across the wall has been designed for use by two individuals. The deep cabinets create private storage spaces for both children while the wide table stretched across the wall provides enough space for them to work in peace. Comfortable revolving chairs in bright crimson and black providea subtle change from chocolate brown table and sand colored back splash above the study table.

Skylit study area

Attic has been created into a study area by setting up a skylight and using the curvature in the roof to set up a bookshelf. In most homes attics are used as storage areas for broken furniture and other little used objects and are generally secluded areas of solitude. In this smartly designed study room the table and floor are made up of hardwood lending a warm glow to the area. This is an ideal study area with natural light and ample space to keep a couple of extra chairs when friends drop in for group study. 

Bright as cherry

This delightful cherry colored wall provides a perfect background for artistically placed white shelves in unusual designs on them in the enchanting study room.  Rectangular and square shelves built with open and closed cabinets in blue, green and light teal tones create a cheerful atmosphere in the room. Though this study area is part of the child's bedroom the table is spacious enough to hold school books, papers, crayons and other stuff. The table is shaped like a quirky white wave of water and supported halfway by the bottom bookshelf  and partway by a long stick. Pretty red revolving chair is ideal for the studious child as he can use it for spin games when bored with studies.

Mix of study and comfort

Though pristine white walls and roof make this room look a little severe the colorful cushions and lovely teal chest of drawers make this area suitable for a child to study. Ergonomically designed work table is wide enough for the desktop computer and also has enough space in the front for keeping books during homework. Simplistic white bookshelf is perfect for the child to display its artistic side with handicrafts created during craft sessions in school while large chest of drawers is large enough to keep all school books out of sight. The wide sofa can be used to discuss schoolwork with friends or for late night studies during exams.

Study area with a touch of art

After spending several hours in plain and dull school rooms every child wants a bright and more comfortable place to complete school work. The light grey colored walls make a perfect background for colorful birds in this industrial style study room with plain wooden furniture. Open bookshelf is designed from plain black metal for an eclectic feel and is spacious enough to hold all school books and stationery that a child is likely to need.

Sunshine yellow

Children need strong inspiration to do activities like studies on their own without any company and this pretty sunny study area provides all of that with well-structured table and shelves. Wide rectangular design of the work desk provides comfortable area to encourage creativity and imagination. This beautiful study area that also consists of a bunk bed on the roof has been designed by Mobimio that is known for designing innovative and inviting furniture for children.  The most noticeable feature of this study desk is open stationary shelves and futuristic desk lamp.

Teenager study area

In today’s modern age of social media and internet based easy searches that throw up every kind of information at the click of a button it is tough to keep child’s study area free of computer consoles. For a grown up child in its teens this kind of restriction can backfire so limited internet is the best policy to get homework assignment done on time. The large world map wall paper encourages the child to widen its horizons and try to explore these faraway lands.

Study area in the nook

Most people use this area under the stairs as a store room but this designer has cleverly utilized it for creating a secluded study area for the children with a full length white table stretched between two walls. As the open area in the middle of the table is wide enough to hold small objects, a small paper basket for garbage is accommodated in the corner. Separate chests of sparkling white drawers have been created on both sides for storage while wide table allows both children to spread out charts and books required for making projects.

For inspiration on more designer study area ideas for children explore children's bedrooms.

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