7 pictures to separate living room and dining area

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Open floor plans are increasingly becoming a norm in modern houses. However, they can be confusing for many, especially when a separate dining and living area is desired. Everyone wishes to have separate partitions to define the functionality of a certain area. The homify design team brings to you a list of ideas and inspirational images to learn how to separate both the areas effortlessly without any any hassle. Scroll down to see these ideas. 

1. Wooden panels to separate the living room and dining areas

Wooden panels have been an integral part of traditional Indian homes for quite some time now. They still are, just that their application and functionality have changed over the course of time. The wooden panel here is small yet works perfectly well with the stunning design.

2. Intricate wall dividers for the living room and dining area

Lattice dividers are one of the most phenomenal and affordable ways to divide the dining area and living room. You just need to decide on the right size and design that justifies the beauty of both areas. 

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3. Use distinctive lighting for the living room and dining area

Lighting plays a major role in defining a particular area. In an open floor plan, they can play a key role in helping you decide the boundaries of certain sections. For instance, using yellow lights for the eating area whereas bright silver lighting for the living room helps you distinguish the two.

4. Wall decor as differentiation between the living room and dining area

Background walls can be used to define the dining area and the living area separately. The living room wall in the image showcases memories and photographs within frames whereas the one beside the dining room hosts a rack or cabinet to place crockery. 

5. Elemental changes to separate the living room and dining area

If you take a look at the above image, it is not difficult to understand where the definition of the dining area ends. A big screen on a flat clear wall in the living area is notable and allows you to clearly note the demarcation between the two areas.

6. Color coded to spot the difference between the living room and dining area!

Another brilliant way to decide how to separate a dining room from the living room in an open area is to decide on distinct colors for each of them. Not only does this help separate the two areas, but also adds to the aesthetics of your home.

7. Flooring can also help separate the living room and dining area

The importance that your floor design has to play in separating areas is twofold. A simple, yet elemental idea such as a white strip running between the living and dining areas could very well be equivalent to a wall that distinguishes the two areas.

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