12 pictures of homes with marble floors

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Simple, clean and polished- marble flooring has long been a favorite flooring option for families worldwide. When we think of opulent and decadent flooring options, marble flooring is one of the primary names that comes to our minds. Vivid colors, patterns, quality and versatile cost options make it the most suitable for Indian homes. It can withstand all weather conditions and still manage to look like a million bucks once washed and polished! 

If you plan to invest in marble flooring options for your home, then this guide comes to you at the perfect time. We bring to you various marble flooring designs for you to experiment with.

1. Hints of grey marble flooring

If you think that lighter shades of flooring demand high maintenance and polishing then you can switch to something subtle and sober like the one in image. Marble flooring is smooth and hence dirt and dust do not stick to it allowing for a clean finish.

2. White washed marble flooring

A Modern Living Room, KARU AN ARTIST KARU AN ARTIST Modern living room Furniture,Comfort,Building,Wood,Textile,Shade,Interior design,Flooring,Floor,Living room

A Modern Living Room


There is nothing classier and prettier than a white marble floor in a room. The room looks grand, original and straight from the heaven if the elements are managed well. It's like walking on a cloud, isn't it?

3. Gradient and textured marble flooring

first floor family lounge view homify Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

first floor family lounge view


Marble and stone flooring with gradients and texture designs are impeccable and the ultimate option to be used for hallways and other wide open areas. They help to create the illusion of a larger space which is essential in halls and entryways.

4. Parquet styled marble flooring

The best part of marble flooring is that they can be styled and designed as per your whims and fancies! Be sure to hire an experienced interior designer to rope in unique style flooring like the one shown above. 

5. Marble ceramic tile forms

Ceramic tiles have also been popular but their short life span makes them an unworthy investment option for house flooring. Imitating the same style, you can get your marble flooring done in this form. 

6. Patterned marble flooring

Multi colored marble is popular in the market and can be used to create effects and designs. You can use any geometrical ruler designs or geometric prints if you like. This design is ideal for stairways or hallways and are quite common.

7. Longitudinal lines on the marble flooring

Contemporary Home design, Design House Design House Classic style bedroom
Design House

Contemporary Home design

Design House

If you want to make your room look longer or wider then make use of marble flooring with lines all over. The room above looks longer than it actually is due to this smart flooring choice. With furniture to match the flooring you're in the midst of an all round winner!

8. Simple and sprayed marble designs

Fabien Charuau - Recent Projects Fabien Charuau Photography Rustic style living room
Fabien Charuau Photography

Fabien Charuau—Recent Projects

Fabien Charuau Photography

Small prints over a large area are a visual treat. For example, the room above has plenty of space thus, the sprinkled effect of the marble creates a voluminous impact over the entire room which is definitely the talking point at this point!

For more on color combinations for your home, follow the link.

9. Wooden style marble flooring for the hallway

Fabien Charuau - Recent Projects Fabien Charuau Photography Modern living room
Fabien Charuau Photography

Fabien Charuau—Recent Projects

Fabien Charuau Photography

If wood is your choice of flooring but no longer suits your budget or geographical location then viola- here is good news for you! You can make use of marble flooring that emulates the wooden patterns leaving you with a stunning effect.

10. Darker shades of marble for a royal look

Darker shades of marble floors are apt for rooms that are used throughout the day or frequently host people and footprints! They look cleaner for longer and require low maintenance which makes them ideal for the said locations.  

11. Black marble flooring

If you think that a black colored marble floor will make your house look dingy or shabby then you are in for a surprise! Take a look at this beautiful patterned black marble flooring that offers complete justification to the area. 

12. Marble flooring for a royal touch

Residence at Lajpat Nagar Jalandhar (Bantu Sabhawal), SPACE RACE ARCHITECTS SPACE RACE ARCHITECTS Classic style living room

Residence at Lajpat Nagar Jalandhar (Bantu Sabhawal)


For royal touch, you can mix and match two or more lighter shades to create geometrical designs all over the floor. Match the rest of your decor with it, and you are in for quite the visual treat as the above image so majestically demonstrates.  

For more on interior design ideas, follow the link.

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