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For those of you who can’t imagine life without the regular screening of a film, the home cinema is the most logical next step. Having a cinema in a home is a great way to truly immerse yourself in the full magic of the cinematic experience. Once the decision has been made to install a home cinema, there are many decisions to be made. Which room is best? What design will best suit the room? How can I achieve the best sound quality? And most of all; what kind of seats will be most comfortable? There are many technical aspects of a home cinema that are overlooked. One of the most important decisions to make is the choice of room. Before making any decisions as to a home cinema, Homify has found some inspiring home cinema ideas.

Purple Dream Home Cinema

The main reason to have a home cinema is to have a purpose built area in which to view films. For this reason, all aspects of the design should be made with consideration to this function. Consideration should be made in regard to the best sound and the best viewing experience. One such consideration is the windows in the room. The fewer the windows the better in regard to sound quality. Windows can bring light into the room, reflecting off the screen, making it difficult to see the image. They also cause audio distortion as sound bounces off their hard surfaces. This cinema is a great example of how the lack of windows increases the visual impact of the screen. With the lack of natural light, create a fun and playful atmosphere with lights. Ensure that the lights are ambient only as they should be dimmer than the screen to allow focus to be on the screen.

Dynamic Home Cinema

They say that the sound is more important than the vision in a film, as an audience will notice a problem with the sound, but will often mistake an error on the screen as a design choice. For this reason it is important to get the best possible sound in your home cinema design. One way to ensure the best possible sound is with the choice of room. A square shaped room will produce distortions as the sounds bounce of walls. A rectangular room however creates a tunnelling effect which can be beneficial in a home cinema. By placing the screen and speakers on the short walls, the sound can travel out towards the audience, reducing the distortion in the room. This cinema illustrates this well. The screen and speakers located on the narrow front wall allows the sound to move back towards the audience. To allow for even better sound ensure that the floor and walls are able to absorb sound to avoid it bouncing around the room. This room does this well by the use of carpet and sound absorbing coverings on the walls.

A Room with a View

Lighting in a home cinema is an important design factor. Like a commercial cinema, lighting should be bright enough to allow guests to be able to get to their seats and find the popcorn, but not brighter than the screen. The central focus of the home cinema is to watch films. In essence a film is merely a play of light on a screen. In order to experience the full range of light and colours in the image it is important that no other lights are able to come between the screen and the viewers. For this reason home cinema lighting should be directed away from the screen and away from the viewers. This cinema is a good example. This cinema is illuminated by down lights. Reflected light and down lights are great light forms for cinemas as they allow enough light to move around, but not enough to interfere with the viewing experience.

The Loft Cinema

With the increase in availability of films today, there is always a film for the fussiest of audiences. They are available on line, through the post, at libraries and at dedicated hire stores. With so many ways to see films, it makes sense to provide the most optimum space for viewing them. Many houses do not have the space to have a dedicated home cinema. But with a bit of creativity, any unused space can be converted into a home cinema. This home cinema is a great example. It was created in an unused loft in London. This unique home cinema has surround sound system, motorised seats, led lighting, and colour coded blinds. Be creative when choosing a space for your home cinema.There may be an unused hidden space that would make a wonderful home cinema

Hidden Home Cinema

Many homes are simply not big enough to allow for a dedicated home cinema. One solution for this is to install a hidden home cinema. By day the room is a normal traditional living space, by night it converts into a modern, state of the art home cinema system. This room has done exactly that. This traditional sitting room is a wonderful place for entertaining, or just relaxing by the fire. But when night falls and the family are in need of entertainment a screen miraculously drops from the ceiling, allowing for the space to be converted into a cinema. There are also hidden speakers to give the optimum home cinema viewing experience. Consider making some simple additions to a living space to allow it to convert to a home cinema.

Exclusive Home Cinema

For many people one of the joys of having a home cinema is being able to invite friends and family to watch a film. This is not the case with this home cinema. This home cinema is a personal romantic getaway for the residents. This amazing home cinema has just one very comfortable, very romantic sofa. In line with the most optimal viewing experience, the screen is located on the narrow wall in a rectangular room. The ambient lighting ensures the best viewing experience, and the soft furnishings and carpets ensure the sound quality is at its best. This home cinema is a triumph in design and sophistication.  This cinema was designed by Venturi  ome Solutions of Poland.

Theatrical Home Cinema

The sound quality of a film is very important. How disappointing would it be when watching a film, right at the crucial moment the main character says something which cannot be understood.  Large speakers used in home cinemas have the potential to bounce this sound around a room. This can be an unpleasant way to view a film. One way to avoid this is to use as many sound absorbing soft furnishings in a possible in a room. This amazing home cinema has excelled at this. The walls are padded to ensure no reverberation around the room. This is also achieved with the carpets and chairs. The huge chairs look super comfortable and attractive. The purple theme is a wonderful way to bring a theatrical element to the room. Have fun with home cinema design. Use colour and lighting to make an impression.

It is everybody’s dream to have their own home cinema, so if you can find the space, or even if you can’t find the space, create a home cinema yourself today. There are many creative ways to make an unused space into a wonderful space for viewing films. Homify has found these amazing home cinemas for inspiration. For more ideas see 7 Gorgeous Home Theatres.

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