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An Italian coffee haven, Altamura

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The simple pleasures in life are very often the best. Good coffee, good company and a lovely setting… as a way to while away an afternoon, it’s hard to beat. And this is a fact that is clearly well-known to Dresshome , the interior architects behind this gorgeous little coffee and pastry shop in Altamura, Italy. In not overcomplicating the design of the space, they have managed to create an atmosphere where the straightforward joy of a lazy coffee with friends is not occluded by too any distractions.

​Neutral tones and vintage accents

The colour scheme in this coffee shop is almost entirely very pale, with only a single mint green band of colour, running the length of the room, providing an injection of colour. The expanse of light shades is further broken up, however, by the addition of high quality vintage furniture in darker wood tones. The effect is slightly retro, but, thanks to the brightness o the space and the restraint of the palette, the interior is also anchored very much in the present day.

Unique reading lamps

These beautiful vintage-style brass lamps curl downwards to illuminate the wall-mounted menus beneath.

​The power of stone

A pale stone arch curves gently over the shelving here, drawing the eye towards the counter area and the tasty treats on display behind the glass.

​Mismatched tiles

Seen up close, the tiles that form the background to the crockery shelves are a marvel of different shapes and patterns. The colour scheme remains consistent between every tile, however, preventing the overall effect from being too busy or overwhelming.

​Personal touches

In some places, the mint green stripe protrudes enough to be used as a shelf, while in others it is merely a line of colour. Here, it supports this cute little clock – which provides yet another dose of vintage charm for a space already steeped in it.

Notice also the unusual decision to have a wall veneered in light wood – usually darker colours are preferred for this type of look. In this case it works fabulously however; partly because the overall palette is so light, and partly because the colour of the wood has been so closely matched to the stone arch behind the counter.

A cave of tranquility

In the main seating area, the furniture is less old-fashioned in style, but the sense of peaceful escape from modern life is as prevalent as elsewhere. This is driven partly by the comforting arch of the ceiling, enclosing the room like a cave, as well as the prominent use of stone.

​Service on demand

Hanging over each table is a pretty bell, which not only serves the practical function of allowing customers to get the attention of waiting staff more easily, but is also very decorative. The painted white bell is very unusual, and the two shades used in its design are perfectly in-keeping with the colour scheme everywhere else.

Everything matters

The attention to detail in this space goes as far as the floor, which is covered n these beautifully subtle patterns.

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