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One of the best things about winter is sitting in front of an open fireplace with a hot drink and some good friends and family. As you look into the mesmerising flames, all worries and stresses melt away. There is no doubt that adding a fireplace to a home brings with it a romantic, comforting appeal. On colder days it is the place where people will congregate. It will be the focus point of the room. Although once a decision has been made to include a fireplace in a house, there will need to be a choice about what kind to get. There are so many options. There are three basic types of fireplaces; traditional wood burning, gas and electric. There are positives and negatives to each choice. There are also choices to be made about the best position for a fireplace in the house. Homify has found a range of fireplaces to spark your imagination.

Traditional Fireplace

Landelijke Schouw, Boley Boley Country style living room

An open fireplace is a romantic ideal. It brings to mind a family gathered around the fireplace on a cold evening, talking about the events of the day. The room is filled with the aroma of buring wood, and the sound of the crackling fire. This fireplace fits that image completely. The huge fireplace is definitely the focus of this room. It is in the traditional style.This fireplace is completely open in this space, no glass or grates come between guests and the amazing fire. This fireplace has been created by Boley of the Netherlands. In this design they converted and upgraded an existing fireplace. The major design change was to replace the old mantle with this new sandstone mantle. This is a great way to update and renew an old and worn fireplace, whilst still maintaining its essence.

Modern Gas Fireplace

There are many advantages to a gas fireplace. One of the most obvious advantages is the freedom of design. Gas fireplaces produce no smoke; therefore, they do not require a chimney. This means they are a lot more versatile in positioning than traditional wood burning fireplaces. Gas fireplaces can be used almost anywhere in a house. This fireplace is a great example. This amazing modern fireplace takes pride of place in the middle of the living area, between the sofa and the television. It acts as both heater, to keep residents warm, and as a feature of the room. This fireplace is made by Planika Fires of Poland. It is one of the most modern designs and is able to be operated remotely using a tablet or a smartphone. Imagine the magic of being able to turn the fireplace on to warm the house before your evening return.

Chimenea Fireplace

Fireplace Mod. ARTICULARE, DAE DAE Modern living room Metal Fireplaces & accessories

The use of fireplaces around the world goes back to the earliest recorded evidence of man. It has been found in nearly all cultures on the earth. With each different culture there has been a different way they have designed and used a fireplace. In Spain the Chiminea was popular. Traditional Chimeneas have been around for approximately 400 years. These traditional fireplace were freestanding, made from clay and used for both heating and cooking. The design created a draught action drawing the cool air into the fire and drawing smoke and fumes upwards and away from the people. This fireplace is based on the style of the traditional Chimeneas. Although not freestanding, it descends from the ceiling, making it appear to hang in mid air.  It functions similar to the traditional style chimenea, drawing the cool air into the fire, whilst allowing the heat to disperse into the space. This is an amazing focus point for this room, making it both fuctional and a design focus.

A Cosy Seat

There are many advantages to having a gas fireplace. It is more economical to run than an electric or wood fireplace, and it is more environmentally friendly. One of the main advantages of a gas fireplace is its ease of use. The fire can be easily lit with the touch of a button. It can then be turned off just as easily. It is also relatively free of maintenance as there is no need to clear away soot, embers and ash. This fireplace would make a wonderful addition to any room. It has been built with the specific location in mind. It has been constructed into the wall of the house, making it fit in seamlessly with the design. Imagine sitting next to this stunning fireplace, a book in hand enjoying the warmth and sight of the dancing flames.

The Centre of Attention

There has been much written about the advantages of a gas fireplace. One of the biggest advantages is that they allow for a greater freedom in the design. They can be placed in nearly any space in the house. This stunning fireplace illustrates this well. This huge fireplace is definitely the centre of this design. All the other items in the room are simply placed around the fireplace. This stunning fireplace has a solid bath shaped base from where the flames originate. The top consists of a modern chimney styled cover, leading up to the ceiling. In this way it mimics a traditional style fireplace It is a bold design using neutral dark colours. This creates a definite presence in the space, whilst at the same time not overwhelming the other elements.

Electric LED Fireplace

The newest competitor in the fireplace market has been the electric LED fireplace. This type of fireplace has huge benefits over its gas or wood fireplace competitors. Like a gas fireplace it is easier to use, being able to be turned on and off by a single switch. It is relatively maintenance free as there are nothing actually burning. The real benefit of this fireplace over a gas fireplace lies in the installation. These fireplaces can be installed by the home handyman and plugged into a normal house electrical plug. This makes it much safer to use. This fireplace is an example of how this practical alternative can make a stylish statement in any room. This fireplace is installed directly into the wall, mimicking a traditional fireplace. There is even a place to store the wood to give the impression of a real fireplace.

Modern Wood Fireplace

There is nothing like coming home after an enjoyable day spent in the great outdoors into a cosy warm house. One way to create this warm, safe atmosphere is with an open fireplace. This may not be so easy to achieve in an established house without a fireplace, or in a new house without fireplaces. There is the option to bring a fireplace into a house, but will a fireplace suit the modern design of new houses? There are so many styles of fireplaces available today, there is one to suit every design. This fireplace is a great example. This modern fireplace combines the need for a modern design, with the desire for a taste of the traditional. With this design it is possible to sit by the fire and be mesmerised by the flames and the sound of the crackling, whilst still enjoying all the modern facilities in a modern home.

A Traditional Fireplace for a Modern Home

Modern houses can be difficult to heat due to their open plan design and the number of windows. New technologies have kept pace with these designs, providing insulated windows and underfloor, and central heating. Although, how can you incorporate a fireplace in such a design. Will it get lost in such a huge space? This challenge was accepted by Kiimoto Kamine of Germany. This fireplace is one of their designs. Its huge size is designed for the open planned spaces popular in modern homes. This fireplace is an excellent example.  In this huge space a traditional fireplace would be lost in the overall design. This fireplace however makes a definite statement, located in the middle of the area. This is a great way that a fireplace can be the focus of a modern home.

Adding a fireplace to a house is a great way to create a warm, comfortable and secure atmosphere. Whatever style house it is there is bound to be a fireplace to suit. Consider what fireplace will best suit the space and people using it. A gas fireplace may be good for an inner city house, whilst a wood fireplace may be more suited to a industrial style home. These are just a few ideas to spark some inspiration. For more fireplace ideas see Fireplaces for every style.

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