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Living in a big city house usually means small garden area. We tend to believe that small garden layout is simple and easy to maintain. But unlike large gardens where one can see certain elements of distance and one can afford some negligence, in small spaces every inch is important and nothing can be hidden. Today, in this ideabook, we will take you on a ride of 12 designer small gardens for home that have been build in very small space. Have a look at the images and do not forget to leave your comments.

1. In your angan

An angan forms the apt place to set up a very small garden within a home. Just create the boundaries and start the green movement. 

2. Boundary of your gallery

A balcony boundaries or grille section provide access to sunlight, air as well as space that is good for the growth of beautiful flowers and herbs. 

3. On terrace

Terrace walls of a house leave enough scope to set up a garden and provide support to the vines and other vertical garden ideas. 

4. On a small wall

Vertical gardens are no more a new element that are founded in the house. You can set up a small vertical garden in any open space like the one shown above. 

5. Small saplings and plants in courtyard

Contermporary Elegance A360architects Modern garden

Contermporary Elegance


Your courtyard is the most harmonious and fertile place to set up plants, saplings and grass and create an ecosystem of its own. 

6. Besides the staircase

mr sajeev kumar s residence at girugambakkam, near m.i.o.t hospital, chennai ,tamilnadu Muraliarchitects Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

mr sajeev kumar s residence at girugambakkam, near m.i.o.t hospital, chennai ,tamilnadu


Usually what happens is that the place near the stairs stays useless. Bring soils, potted plants and small trees that can survive the internal atmosphere and less sunlight access. 

7. Set up the boundary

In any aangan or hallway, you can try to involve some plants like the one shown in above images. You can take help from professional landscape artists.

8. Under the Patio

Formal Living - Deck studio XS Modern balcony, veranda & terrace
studio XS

Formal Living—Deck

studio XS

Patio areas besides the hallways or rooms can be utilized to create small garden. You can set up some chairs and a table to create it as a tea point. 

9. Hang potted plants

You can hang some small potted plants all over the walls of your terrace or gallery and place the larger ones on the floor. Synthetic grass will further help to create an impression of supreme greenery.

10. Colorful Ecosystem

Balcony makeover - English Studio Earthbox Country style balcony, veranda & terrace
Studio Earthbox

Balcony makeover—English

Studio Earthbox

A colorful ecosystem can bring your house to life. Use small racks, shelves, hanging pots and other materials to place the plants and cover the flooring with stones, pebbles, artificial grass etc to hide dust and dirt. 

11. Corner Garden

We all used to have it in earlier days. A corner garden with beautiful small plants on the terrace of our homes. 

12. Near the pool

For modern houses with pool built inside, the walls nearby can be used to grow grasses and make the air fresh and clean.

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