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27 amazing dressing room ideas

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Eclectic style dressing room by Egue y Seta Eclectic
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The dressing room is like your treasure chest. It contains your most precious personal items. Sometimes, because of the many things we own, our dressing rooms or closets become like tornado-ravaged areas. There are however plenty of ways to keep it organized, spacious, and even looking more amazing. We shall dally no further and reveal 27 amazing ideas for your personal treasure chest. 

1. Match wood and white

Since gathering clothes together is like gathering textures and colors in one room, it would be clever to at least give an illusion of cleanliness by combining white and the brown of wood for your shelves, dividers, and drawers like this one.

2. Turn walls into a built-in closet

Save space and create a conversation starter by turning bare walls into closets. To achieve this seamless appearance coat the closet doors in the same shade as its surrounding walls.

3. Place your dressing room near the bathroom

Admittedly, it's quite shameful tiptoeing across rooms in your post-shower towel clad body. Avoid the social mishap inside the house by conveniently situating your dressing room next to your bathroom.

4. Join shelves, drawers, and racks

Maximize space by tucking your closet's boundaries with drawers, shelves, and racks. These compartments classify your things and make them appear organized.

5. Measure your dressing room

Save yourself from the trouble of cramming dressers that just won't fit inside the dressing room by measuring the space. This can also help you decide on what to add in bare areas like for example, wall-mounted shelves.

6. Situate dressing rooms within the bedroom

Relevant to our third tip, walking across hallways and areas visible to guests is quite inconvenient especially when you're rushing to get dressed. The quickest solution is to place your dressing room inside the bedroom so that when you can change in no time within the privacy of your personal space.

7. Divide with plasterboard

If having a completely separate dressing room is cumbersome for you, simply divide your bedroom space by using plasterboard and mount shelves and racks between it and the wall. This will then serve as a dressing nook or corner as opposed to a dressing room.

8. Dress it with wood

Wood will forever be classy and stylish plus inexpensive so get friendly with carpenters and use wood for your closet or dressing room.

9. Get inspired by Scandivanian style

Go for earthy muted tones, wood, whites, and less ornaments but always think about function.

10. Choose a modern theme

Modern can be choosing cool shades of gray to color your dressing room's interior.

11. Attic-based dressing room

Since the attic has often been stereotyped as a bodega or our home's little warehouse, it would be pretty wise to just turn it into a dressing room. Line it with shelves, place a comfy chair, mount a life-size mirror, and even utilize the wonderful lighting from the attic's skylight.

12. Construct floor-to-ceiling shelves

Sure it sounds intimidating especially when you're short and the ceiling is too high, but shelves like these can store more items while consuming lesser walking space. As to reaching them, you can place the lesser used items on higher shelves and just get them occasionally using a customized ladder or riser. Hey you can even match the ladder or riser with the theme or color of your dressing room!

13. Color the room white

White gives an instant look of cleanliness and spaciousness. Try also complementing it with frosted or translucent glass sliding doors.

14. Have a built-in column of a rack, compartments, and drawers.

Think of it as an ombre effect. The rack on top is for your non-foldables. The compartments are for your bags, and the drawers are for the foldable clothes and intimates. If they're built-in, they necessarily won't obstruct your walkways, save for when you open the drawers and leave them as such.

15. Stack the racks

Another convenient way to find your clothes is by having racks installed along your walls and having two levels of them.

16. Pick a theme

If it's minimalist, simply match white with white.

17. Decorate with elegance in mind

Channel a classy Parisian vibe by using sophisticated furnishings like well-upholstered ottomans and neutral rugs in the dressing room. Cylindrical packaging boxes in matte coatings can also be fancy storage solutions. They're like those designer shopping boxes.

18. Have a clothes rack stand

Perhaps all you really need is a clothes rack stand with a convenient low support for shoes or bags.

19. Find a shoe locker

Shoes also need a special place so they can be well-preserved. This locker has just the ideal set of shelves to neatly stack shoes.

20. Keep the dressing room feeling breezy

What better way to achieve a breezy atmosphere than white. You might also find comfort in pastel colors.

21. Find pieces that can fit

Consider the color palette of the room, the size of the item, and its necessity. When those seem to go well, then that item belongs in your dressing room.

22. Light it up

Place a good amount of lighting inside your closet so you can easily find your clothes and organize them according to your preference.This one even has lights on the bottom!

23. Naturally light it up

Another energy-saving solution is to have a window in your dressing room that way you not only have natural light coming in but also have ventilation.

24. Have a wardrobe divider

Between the dressing area and the bed, a convenient wardrobe can stand. Just make sure you have enough space in the bedroom to pursue this design or you can custom-build the wardrobe so that it can fit.

25. Dressing area in the bathroom

If earlier we advised having a dressing room close to the bathroom, this time we also give you the option of placing a dressing area in the bathroom. Consider where water can sprinkle though and try to keep it far from the toilet. Basically, this is risky but when you're blessed with a spacious bathroom, this is possible.

26. Place a life-size lighted mirror

We're going flamboyant on this one and encouraging you to appreciate your body image by having a cool life-size lighted mirror in your dressing room. It may not even have to have those lights around it. This mirror can help you decide quicker on what you'll wear from head to toe. 

27. Categorize the items

Avoid disorder and consuming time finding things by classifying your items like this organized dressing room.

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