6 Indian Christmas decor ideas

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Christmas is around the corner and many in India are looking for ways to incorporate a little yuletide spirit in their homes. Unlike other countries winter is not a snowy, cold affair in most parts of India. Many places in India barely feel a whiff of winter and it is thus difficult to create an aura of Christmas with the heat beating down on our backs and no fireplace to decorate or chimney for Santa. But it's not impossible. Here are 6 ways to bring in a little Christmas cheer in an Indian home no matter what the weather, how tiny the space or how little the budget.

Miniature table decorations

minimalistic Living room by 123 Voilà
123 Voilà

DIY Weihnachtsbaumset

123 Voilà

An inexpensive way to spread the Christmas cheer is to make or buy some miniature table decorations. One can always take some coloured paper, not necessarily red and green one's and fashion them into basic conical trees. These along with miniature pine cones and silver or golden string balls that one can buy from any decoration shop are perfect Christmas table decorations.

Twig tree with Diwali lights

This basic tree made of wooden twigs arranged together in the shape of a Christmas tree is minimal, cheap and innovative. Diwali just passed by and most people have a bunch of lights they used on Diwali at home. Here's a way to reuse those same lights on this rustic Christmas tree. This twig tree is sturdy but its pointy edges make it a choice for homes where there isn't a kid. Here's a beautiful wooden kid friendly tree.

Paper tree

Those who don't have the space for a big Christmas tree at home needn't despair. It's the thought that matters after all and an innovative paper tree like this one can bring in the festive spirit even in the tiniest of homes. A small paper Christmas tree like this in sombre Christmas colours like red, cream and purple is ideal for a tiny pocket and a small home.

Christmas centrepiece

rustic Living room by DekoNatur

Ausgefallener Adventskranz Zwei Pilze


Those who are willing to splurge a little bit should opt for a Christmas themed centrepiece for their dining or coffee table. A rustic centrepiece like this one made of pinecones, seeds and twigs and adorned with little red reindeers, mushrooms and candles in red glass jars has the perfect balance of Christmas and winter that can make even the most sweltering place feel Christmasy. Here's another Christmas centrepiece option.

Red and green blanket

 Balconies, verandas & terraces  by CURADORAS



A basic red and green striped blanket made of wool can bring in a subtle touch of Christmas in any Indian home. Whether it's used in the bedroom in places which actually enjoy winter like in north India, or just splayed across a garden chair or the sofa in the living room in a hot and humid coastal city of India, this simple yet classic red and green blanket is sure to bring in some yuletide cheer to any Indian home.

Fiery side table

rustic Living room by Boulle

Lareira em Bolacha de madeira Sibipiruna.


Except for hill stations no part of India has homes with fireplaces. But a fireplace and a hot crackling fire is such an intrinsic part of the Christmas charm. While building a fireplace in a regular home maybe a waste of money, bringing in a dash of fire in the living room is not impossible. A unique wooden stool like this one designed by BOULLE has a hollow carving in the centre with metal casing where a candle or a bunch of twigs can easily be lit. This fiery side table is perfect for an evening at home with Christmas carols.

Here are some home decor ideas for next Diwali.

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