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25 pictures of cabinets and shelves to reuse for more storage

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Have you ever felt exasperated seeing a closet or storage filled with a messy load of clothes? Getting a bigger wardrobe is not always the solution. What you need to do is adjust your furniture needs. But you are probably worried about the expense that comes with this type of project – you will need to hire a carpenter, buy the materials required, etc. Well, you do not have to! There are loads of wardrobe ideas that you can do at home yourself. The best part is that none of these projects require a large budget. You can use simple materials like pipes, etc., second hand furniture or even just take advantage of a bare wall. Here is a look at 25 easy ideas to inspire you to make your own cabinet or wardrobe.

1. Use wooden planks

A few wooden planks and a pipe or two are all you need to create storage space for your clothes and accessories. You can make shelves with the planks and install the pipes to hang your clothes. Simple!

2. Suspend a pipe

Take a simple pipe and suspend it from the ceiling with a colourful rope to create a place to hang your clothes. Pick an empty wall space and you have the perfect place for hangers with coats and jackets.

3. Repurpose an old cupboard

You will find many treasures in yard sales and even junk yards. If you can, look for an old wardrobe and clean and paint to repurpose it for some extra space for your clothes.

4. Add shelves and drawers

To make sure that you have space for hanging as well as folded clothes, install three shelves on the top of your closet. These will serve well for folded clothes while giving you some extra space for clothes that need to be hung.

5. Install shelves in one corner

If you have the space, install shelves on one wall and use the other for hanging clothes. You will have a neat space for your clothes

6. Arrange wooden sticks or poles

modern  by Tim Wood Limited, Modern
Tim Wood Limited

Walk in Closet with storage for Shoes and Handbags designed and made by Tim Wood

Tim Wood Limited

Create a neat closet by arranging long poles or wooden sticks to make a place to hang your clothes. You can even use this idea for your handbags!

7. Add an island

Do you love your kitchen island? You can use the same idea for your closet for extra storage space. Get an island with drawers to discreetly store clothes and other things.

8. Make a closet full of shelves

By installing lots of shelves, you can make sure that you have plenty of space for your clothes. Add a chest of drawers for other items that you want to store away discreetly.

9. Add boxes

Add boxes to your cabinet to give you a little more space. You can use them to store your accessories or clothes that are currently out of season.

10. Add a tray

If your wardrobe has any flat surface, use it to add a tray for your accessories. This way, anything you need will always be at arm’s reach.

11. Build cubbyholes

Cubbyholes can be very useful when you do not have much storage space. Build a few of them to keep things like towels and bed linen. This is a good way to make use of even the smallest storage spaces.

12. Add hooks for bags

Handbags take up quite a lot of space. Make room for them in your wardrobe by adding hooks – you can hang them up and have a clutter-free room.

13. Keep shoeboxes for accessories

Shoe Cabinet Modern dressing room by Mind Studio Modern
Mind Studio

Shoe Cabinet

Mind Studio

nstead of stacking shoes at the bottom of your wardrobe, use shoeboxes. They will keep your shoes in better shape too. You can also use the shoeboxes to store accessories like ties, socks, etc.

14. Use shoeboxes for bed linen

If you want your wardrobe to have more space for your clothes, you should use shoeboxes for other items that take up closet space, like bed linen. This is a superb idea when space is tight in your wardrobe.

15. Use shower curtain hooks for scarves

Scarves often seem to take up very little space but once you have quite a few, keeping them neatly away seems like the toughest task. A simple solution is to use shower curtain hooks on a hanger in your wardrobe to wrap your scarves around, keeping them crease-free and within easy reach.

16. Double up hanging space with chains

If you have a particularly small wardrobe, get some extra hanging space with simple metal chains. Slip a 2-inch length of chain over your hanger and the links will give you a way to hang extra hangers!

17. Install a rail divide

Installing a rail divide in your wardrobe is a neat way to keep different clothing items separate. This way, you make good use of the space you have without having to worry about a messy wardrobe.

18. Get an industrial wardrobe

Install an industrial wardrobe in a corner of your room. With a little clever racking, you can include rails, shelves and baskets to store your clothes and other items. It is small but you will have a well-organised wardrobe. A plus is that it will make your room look cool.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

19. Make a drawer for ties

Ties like scarves, take up a lot of space when you own more than a few. A great idea is to get a drawer installed in your wardrobe especially for your ties. You can neatly store them without getting them creased.

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20. Hang wall baskets

If your wardrobe has run out of space for your accessories, hang a couple of wall baskets near it to keep scarves, towels, etc. They are perfect for things that do not get creased and you have more wardrobe space for your clothes.

21. Add doorknobs

For a place to hang bags, scarves and even clothes, add a couple of doorknobs to your walls. You can even place hangers on them, freeing up space inside for clothes that need more care.

22. Place hooks under shelves

You can have the ideal place to hang coats and jackets by placing hooks under shelves. You can also hang baskets for accessories to free up some wardrobe space.

23. Add wicker baskets

If you have limited shelf space in your wardrobe, place wicker baskets to give you more storage space. You can use them to store towels, bed linen, accessories, etc. They look great too, so that is a bonus.

24. Replace old doors with bi-folding ones

If you have a small wardrobe, you need to be able to easily get into it. Bi-folding doors are a great idea as they allow you to easily see inside your closet without cutting off any access to the rest of the space in your room.

25. Keep shelves and cubby holes for shoes and bags

Add shelves and cubby holes to a part of your wardrobe strictly for your shoes and bags. The cubbyholes will have ample space for your bags and your shoes can be neatly organized in the shelves.

As you can see, simple ideas can give you a neat and well-organized wardrobe. With these ideas, you can make sure that your clothes and accessories do not spill over and make your room look like a tornado hit it.

We hope you enjoyed these 25 cabinet ideas. Get inspired and share your comments.
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