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6 innovative ways to keep a TV in the living room

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TV is almost like dinnertime in India, it brings the whole family together at least once a day. People living in cramped little homes in big cities of India do not have the luxury of having a separate media room. Thus the TV very often ends up in the living room so that the whole family can watch shows and movies together. And the most boring piece of furniture that it ends up on is a TV console. But a console need not be the only way one can incorporate a TV in their living room. Here are 6 innovative ideas to keep a TV in the living room. 

TV on a double wall

A double wall is like a specialised feature wall where a smaller wall is built in front of the original wall. The console can be part of such a double wall and the TV can either be built into such a double wall or just simply placed against it. The double wall itself can have grooves or can be moulded to create storage space for the other accessories that come with a TV. A double wall however uses up a bit more space, thus this idea is not suitable for those with a tiny living room.

TV against a lit white wall

A sleek black TV stands always stands out against a white backdrop. And if that white backdrop happens to be lit it looks even better. Instead of placing the TV on a plain white wall, opting for a white wall behind the TV which has interesting LED lights or mood wall lights can help break the monotony and make the TV look like an interesting addition to the living room. This back lit white wall console designed by NIYAZI ÖZÇAKAR İÇ MIMARLIK is a great option for those looking to place their TV against a lit white wall.

TV on a feature wall

A feature wall is a wall in any room that stands apart from the others. It can be coloured differently from the rest of the walls, it can have a bright wallpaper on it while the other walls don't or it can even have a different kind of texture and can be made of wood, stone, bricks etc. The TV will stand out in particular on such a wall if its the only thing that is placed on it. One can still opt for a neutral console below the TV, but the contrast of the TV against an interesting wall like the grey and white brick wall here can help incorporate the TV in a interesting way in the living room.

TV built into a wall

While we see TV's on a wall pretty often, we rarely see TV's built into a wall. Those looking for a minimal and neat way to incorporate a TV into their living room can have their TV built into a wall there. Even the speakers or DVD players can be built into the wall itself without wasting space. Here's another innovative example of how a TV can be built into a wall.

TV in a bookshelf

For the book lovers who have a huge bookshelf in their living room and don't want to get rid of it just to place the TV in it's place this idea will work wonders. The TV can be made a part of the bookshelf itself. No need for a separate TV console. It is a functional and innovative way to keep the TV in the living room.

TV in a cabinet

A TV console is often a waste of space as it is designed specifically for the TV and its accessories. A cabinet on the other hand is a much more functional choice which provides storage space for things other than just the TV. Thus incorporating the TV in a cabinet is an innovative yet practical way of introducing the TV in a living room without wasting space.

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