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11 pictures of beautiful and well-lit bedrooms

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We all consider our bedrooms a sanctuary, a place where we rejuvenate and unwind. To decorate your room as per your style is an absolute essential to help you feel better and transform your mood immediately. 

Here are 11 amazing ideas that you can use to decorate your bedroom:

1. Well lit-up

A bedroom that does not have proper lighting can often make you feel low. To uplift your mood after a long day at work, it is important that you have a well lit bedroom. 

This can also be achieved by adding small lamps on either sides of the bed.

2. Color coordination

A room that does not showcase your personality or style is something that we all hate. To achieve your desired look for your bedroom, mixing two colors that complement each other can be a great idea. 

The designer for this room has used neutral colors in the background to highlight the navy blue bed spread.

3. Art work

Another great way to decorate your bedroom is by adding artworks like paintings or sculptures to the room. This will enhance the overall beauty of the bedroom along with giving it your personal style touch. 

The designer in this picture has used framed sketches to display the likings of the person that uses the room.

4. Theme selection

With designs, decor and colors that don’t compliment each other a bedroom can turn into a disaster. To get better results out of your bedroom decorations try choosing a particular theme. 

For example in this picture you can see that the designer has opted for a nature-centric theme and has used more earthly tones of color.

5. Beddings

We always decorate our bedrooms with utmost efforts but one thing that we do ignore are the beddings and bedspreads. We should remember to select the beddings that add an element of style and color to our bedrooms. 

The room in this picture has been painted white which is highlighted by the bold prints of the bedspread, making it look chic.

6. Wall colors

The color of your furniture and decor should be in sync with the color of your wall. While using two different colors in the room, one of them should always be subtle whereas the other one should be bold. 

As seen in this picture, the color of the wall is white which complements the yellow colour of the bed frame.

7. Accessorising

To accessorise your bedroom with little things like lamps, candles or photo frames can really help pull the look together. These accessories can also provide additional elements, like the candles or lamps can help brighten up the room.

8. Recycling

Proyectos de interiorismo varios estudio 60/75 Modern style bedroom
estudio 60/75

Proyectos de interiorismo varios

estudio 60/75

If you are someone who cherishes old things and are unable to throw them away, use them to decorate your bedroom. Mixing old memorabilia with modern accessories can give your bedroom a unique look.

In this picture the headboard of the bed has been made using old pallet wood that gives it a rustic feel.

9. Accent wall

An accent wall can be used as the focal point of the entire room and can be the perfect place to put little decoration pieces. These walls can break the monotony of the wall colors across the room giving it a fresh feel.

10. Mirrors

To spread the natural light equally around your room place a mirror in the path of the light source. This would help reflect rays to every corner of the room making it look bigger and better. 

As in this picture, the designer has placed the mirror above the headboard which helps reflect natural light into the bedroom.

11. Potted Plants

Using potted plants in or around your bedroom are a perfect way to uplift your mood. It is not only beautiful to look at but will also help you feel calm. 

This picture showcases how the designer has used the outer deck to display a small section of potted plants.

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