12 ideas that will make your home entrance beautiful!

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The first impression is the last! It extends for our home too. The entrance of the home should leave a good impression on our visitors. It is probably the expression of our personality. We try our best to give it our house a distinctive look, so why not extend it to the entrance? In doing so our main wish is to enthrall ourselves and get appreciation from visitors for creativity and beauty of our home.

Today we have brought 12 brilliant ideas to make the entrance of your home look amazing. Each is unique in its own way and holds a distinct style. You may also combine two or more style and give it your personal touch.

Let’s explore and get inspired!

​1. Stylish corner seat

The white color entrance is brightened by a colorful seat kept in the corner. Having a comfortable seat near the entrance is a practical idea. Your parents and grandparents will be thankful for it. It will be comfortable for them while wearing and taking off their shoes. The touch of bright colors spreads a vibrant feeling and shows the welcoming side of you. It complements the subtle color of interior.

​2. For the love of green

Green has a touch of charisma and freshness. Even if it is just a single green plant in a pot right at the entrance, it will look good. Here the gravels kept below the pot are giving a beautiful twist to the decor. Come up with your own version to make the entrance green.

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​3. Red walls and chic carpet

Be bold and splash the entrance with red! The color will pop up more with white walls. Complete the décor with great lighting ideas. It will give your house a stylish makeover. A simple carpet on the front door is adding to the grandeur of entrance. This entrance will complement your warm and loving personality.

4. Wall, paintings and a colorful seat

Why not hang a few beautiful painting on simple textured walls of your entrance? It will look exclusive and rich. You can choose paintings in different shapes and sizes or keep it same. Make sure that it reflects your unique personality and elite taste. Here the mirror is strategically placed to reflect the paintings. The yellow seat placed in the corner looks stunning. Undoubtedly this is a beautiful entrance.

​5. Accessorizing it right

Accessorize it right and you can never go wrong with the look! A large white framed oval mirror is flanked by sophisticated and stylish columns standing tall right at the entrance. Large and attractive candles are placed on them waiting to be lit in a romantic evening.  The unique wall color is enhancing the look of the entrance.

​6. Rustic charm

Stay connected to your roots! Give a rustic look to your entrance and get praised for your creativity. The pristine white color of almost everything here looks pure and peaceful. Geometric design on the floor, comfortable seat for two, white pots holding green plants, wooden racks hanging on a wall, a jar turned into vase and a mirror on a rustic wooden table; this entrance is captivating.

​7. In the lap of nature

This entrance will make you feel that you have walked into a beautiful garden. The first wall is decorated with plants that cover almost the whole wall. Enter further and you are in front of bright and vibrant wallpaper depicting a park. The final surprise element is a row of candles stacked in a straight line with contrasting accessories hanging from the ceiling.

​8. Organizing home begins at entrance

There is nothing fancy here. But what is attractive is the well built cupboard right at the entrance. It is the good utilization of space if the house is small. It will also keep your home organized. The color of the wall complements the white cupboard. The large painting hanging beside the cupboard is beautiful.

​9. Symmetry is beautiful

The entrances of the house in white or subtle color will always be soothing for eyes. It looks cool! What looks attractive in this entrance are the open white shelves, three equal size paintings hanging in a straight line and three lamps hanging from above in perfect symmetry. You will surely receive lots of admiration for this.

​10. Beauty in simplicity

A cool circular table, a stunning glass vase standing tall on it and beautiful bouquet of flowers in the vase; this is very simple. The beauty of this entrance is in its simplicity.

​11. Intricate carving on the door

Maybe it is just a door, but it will change the look of your entrance. The intricate design on it stands out. There are two doors here. One is in solid wood and the other has beautiful carving on it. The wall panels behind the solid door with flower vase and amazing lights on each will keep the entrance beautiful even when the door is close.

​12. It is just a shelf

You can make the entrance look strikingly different by just hanging a creatively designed shelf. The designer shelf will instantly grab the attention. Use it to display your collection of books or souvenirs you cherish. It will look interesting.

Which idea will you adopt for the entrance of your home? Please leave comment.

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