10 ways to make your home look expensive on a shoestring budget

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homify Modern dining room
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Are you planning sell your home? It is almost impossible to sell an old house at a profitable price. However, you can make a few changes to make your home look chic and expensive. Let’s take a look at 10 ideas to make your home like a luxurious abode. Don’t waste anymore time, let’s get to it!

1. Layout a few extra chairs

If your home has a terrace garden, then sell your home buyer the experience of sitting in the area and unwinding over a cup of tea! The additional seats will make your home look extra luxurious and spacious too.

2. A large mirror can do magic!

Install a large mirror in one of the small rooms to make it appear extra roomy. Mirrors reflect light and add depth to the room’s spaces.

3. Change the décor for a fresh look

Dining Table with enamel lamp shades homify Modern dining room

Dining Table with enamel lamp shades


When you sell your old home with outdated furniture, the home buyers tend to think of the home as an old place where it is difficult for them to imagine themselves living there.  Just tweak your home décor a bit with the latest accessories for a brand new looking home that buyers would pay to own.

4. Additional bedrooms

Add a bedroom within the home to create a more valuable property. You may not have needed extra bedrooms, but buyers may have big families that they may want more bedrooms. Even a small one in an unused part of the home could serve as the new bedroom.

5. New colours for your façade

The first impression a home buyer of your home is the most important. Change the colour of your front wall at least to give your home a fresh and inviting look. If you do not want to change the wall paint, then at least claim to make sure the home looks at the first glance.

Checkout 6 colour schemes for house exteriors here.

6. Install new switches

A home with an old look is not easy to sell. We give attention to paints and a lot of other things to make our homes look new. But the most looked over accessory are the switches. Switches can start looking old and grimy within a few years and give away the age of your home easily. Instead, just replace the switches of your home with new ones – they are affordable and would do a great deal to sell your home.

7. Change the window frame

Another thing that is often ignored – the window frames of your home. Window frames keep changing in style with time. So install the latest frames for a fresh look to your home.

8. Replace doorknobs and cabinets

Door knobs are objects that are touched and used very often. Door knobs lose their lustre in a few years after installation. So when you revamp your home, do not miss out on trivial things like door knobs that often end up playing a big role in determining the age of your home.

9. Add the cornice or mailing in a side meeting of the wall and ceiling

Installing cornice designs are a great idea to lift the look of your home. Cornice designs are unique and should suit the style of your home. If you are unsure about what design would suit your home, then you should consult with your architect.

10. Fix new cabinets

Remember that your cabinets can age fast and need a good fixing before you try to sell your home. Homes with old and faded cabinets can push potential buyers away. Spend a little today, so your home can go to the right hands.

10 Ways to make your home look expensive on a shoestring budget. Try them and share your comments.

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