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Simple Ideas for narrow kitchen

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Owning a small kitchen does not imply compromising on utility or efficiency and by clever designing tricks a narrow kitchen can be made spacious and lively place to work. In large cities where space is at a premium, most kitchens are either extension of the dining area or of living room. Under the latter situation a dining area also has to be created in the kitchen to allow family members to eat if there are guests in the living room.

If the living room is a place of family entertainment then kitchen is the hub of togetherness and social gatherings where family and friends share recipes and cooking memories. So even if a kitchen is small it only implies that users have to utilize their innovative skills a little more than usual and create an appealing work-space to inspire delicious creations.  

Here are interesting ideas to increase utility of small kitchen spaces and give them a trendy vibe.

Kitchen island seperating from living room

When a kitchen island also functions as a dining area then it can create greater camaraderie among family members as people spend more time with each other discussing daily activities. When islands were first incorporated into kitchens they were used for extra storage and as a preparation table which over a period of time have become an essential part of most kitchens around the world and this multifunctional one is not an exception. Stylish and black in complete contrast to the white kitchen counter the island is complemented by straight leather upholstered chairs in same black tone. Built in minimalistic style the long granite topped island also has a wash basin for washing hands before and after meals. Users of this smartly designed kitchen will never run out of storage space as wide drawers under the cooking counter and the island provide enough space for utensils and other kitchen supplies to avoid table clutter.

Built in wall furniture

For a kitchen counter to be clutter free of bowls, cutlery and other objects it has to have storage space for everything that is used in the area on a daily basis. The best way to create space in a narrow kitchen is to have cabinets and shelves that are built into the walls. In this kitchen floating cabinets have been built halfway into the wall above the counter to have leave space open space on the counter.  Kitchen island is built sideways into the rear wall to enable easy movement in the area.

Long wall to wall counter has enabled the designer to arrange all essentials on one side like cooking range and wash basin while leaving sufficient area for meal preparation. Grey cabinet fronts are a perfect foil against cream wooden logs and bring a touch of country chic to the kitchen this is enhanced by long drop down lamps.

Bar seperating kithen and living room

In a small apartment with narrow kitchen having a separate dining area sometimes becomes a luxury and house owners are forced to choose between allocating available areas for dining or entertaining guests. Under most circumstances the living room wins the war and a small breakfast bar is created in the kitchen itself where most family members gather for evening snacks and catch up on local news.

The kitchen visible here is narrow and sleek with little room for expansion so the breakfast bar has been set up at the corner of its cabinet area. One side of the slim bar table is supported by the cabinet itself while the other side has a single long leg. A couple of bar stools are sufficient for people on the go. The dresser opposite the bar counter can be used for storing glassware, cutlery and dinnerware as kitchen has only sufficient space for appliances and groceries.

L shaped kitchen

Even a small and narrow kitchen can look stylish and user friendly if imagination is used to effectively utilize every nook and cranny available. Electrical appliances like microwave and oven can be fitted into floating cabinets above the main counter. Daily use essential items like spices, herbs, cooling oils can be in stored in cabinets below the counter or in floating cabinets above the counter making it easy to use and put them back.

This brown and white symphony of cabinets gives understated elegance to this kitchen designed by Harvey  which has sufficient space on the counter for every electrical device along with space for meal preparation too. Large storage shelves in this compact kitchen enable easy organization of kitchen essentials easily and prevent clutter accumulation. Grey vitrified tiles on the floor create harmony in the kitchen in partnership with dark grey tiles in the kitchen backsplash that are easy to clean and maintain as they do not stain easily like regular walls.

Multi-purpose island

In a narrow kitchen, multi functional island is an excellent idea as it can perform functionalities of a dining table, preparation area and also cooking range which clear space on the main counter for setting up more cabinets for storage.  If the cook top is placed on island then it becomes much easier for the cook to prepare meals and serve them to family members on busy mornings and festivals where the house is full of guests.

In this pretty blue kitchen, designed by Rencraft in classic style, we see how a smartly placed island becomes a multi-purpose activity area. The extra space towards the right side corner of the island has been turned into a breakfast bar cum meal zone while the left side is for preparation activities. This design has now become popular in urban cities as kitchen are turning into dining rooms for family and guests. Smart storage cabinets and racks make this kitchen self -sufficient and productive in dishing out tasty meals in a jiffy just like any other.

All white kitchen

Though most cooks would shudder at the idea of an all-white kitchen the timeless elegance of the color cannot be denied. Remember how even nosiest of children become suddenly silent when they step into a white hospital or observatory? That is the magical power of white which makes people gaze at it in awe and admiration. The importance of white in homes has been prevalent since middle ages and it never goes out of fashion.

In this spotless white narrow kitchen with white appliances and kitchen furniture, everything blends in perfectly. Laminated cabinets in white from ceiling to just a feet above the counter and the cabinets below counter are all laminated in white and have a single steel bar to open and close them. The entire kitchen from roof to electrical appliance is like a blemish free canvas so, the rich brown timber floor in direct contrast to it looks lovely.

Long Counter

In a narrow kitchen where every inch of space has to be utilized carefully, an elongated counter is a must which can accommodate almost every essential gadget. This elegant kitchen designed in minimalist style with granite topped counter has ample storage capacity with floating wall cabinets and in-built ones below the counter. To create more storage space in the cutlery section a handy ladle hanger has been made above counter wall to keep them within hand’s reach.

Wondering about existence of other cooking and baking appliances? These are installed in the large counter to roof cabinet at the far end of the counter which ensures that all electric implements are above the reach of children. Plain grey linoleum floor harmonizes the white color tone of this kitchen with white cabinets and walls.

With dark fronts

Kitchens are places for learning cooking skills from experts and also fine tuning culinary skills that ensure that recipes  always end up as expected. Just as disasters happen in every lab where experiments are conducted in a kitchen too here are chances of mishaps despite the care taken by cooks. This is where kitchens with black fronts come in handy as they are not likely to stain easily and remain spotless for a longer time. Though some cooks feel that kitchen with black cabinets are depressing there are conflicting views about cabinets colors.

The elegant kitchen visible in this picture has a mix of black and white as the fronts are black while the counter is grey and the white back splash is designed in elegant brick style tiles. Black front cabinets form a lovely contrast with light blue floor though they match up with industrial style large lamps above the breakfast table.

Looking for more interesting ideas about decorating small kitchen then browse through this book.

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