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Using different tones in a house helps keep the space lively and creative. It has also been found that using vibrant colors and tones infuses the home with positive energy. On the front of interiors, colors can help make a room spacious and airy. Each room can have a different theme and design which includes the woodwork, paneling, false ceiling work and the floor. Here are some amazing designs from freelance designers in Hyderabad to make every room of your home vibrant and stylist. 

Living room

To bring harmony into a home design, it is very important to have balance between all dimensions of every room. This includes the furnishing, material and even the color. A choice of marble flooring needs to be complemented with soft tones or white tones on the ceiling and the walls. Wallpapers are a great way to add color to the room and at the same time break the monotony through their vivid designs and patterns. As can be seen in this design, the room is very spacious; the walls have been kept bare, with only the patterned wallpaper adding color.


Each corner of the house can be designed and made beautiful, even a hallway. Some of the best things that one can experiment with or play with in such areas of the house are the cabinets, lighting and color. Adding cabinets to the walls or under the staircase make excellent storage options that keep the clutter away from the eye. In this design, one sees a very creative use of lighting. The lighting added to the bottom most step is actually a style that is catching on and many people have even experimented with adding small lights to every step. The other striking features are the false ceiling and the chandelier. The use of marble flooring continues in this room and the white color tone has also been kept as a constant.


A small sit-out or a balcony is an absolute must have in every house whether it is a bungalow or an apartment. It is more sensible to use water resistant paint on the walls and anti-skid tiles on the floor. Using jute mats on the windows or hanging these against an open space is a good idea, especially in case the house is located in cities that tend to get hot. This is a great place to use wood furniture that is relaxing and comfortable. There is no need to use very heavy lighting in such spaces and so a single lamp or bulb would suffice. This is the kind of style that one uses in case of this design. It instantly gives a relaxing feeling to the residents and the onlookers.


A kitchen does not always have to be cluttered and congested. Modular designs can help create a lot of storage space where everything one needs can be stored within reach. This includes the electrical appliances that one uses in the kitchen. Modular designs provide a space where cabinets can be placed on top and bottom of the kitchen slab. Between the cabinet space can be made to store the electrical appliances like microwave or oven. In this design, off white and brown tones have been used throughout the kitchen including the floor where marble flooring has continued. The false ceiling work is also very strategic. Maximum light falls on the cooking area near the stove and adequate lighting has been provided in the remaining area. The use of patterned tiles above the kitchen counter is also worth noticing. This is a fairly common practice and ceramic tiles of different patterns can be used for this purpose.


A bedroom can be decorated in different ways depending upon the taste of the owner. A common practice is to use wallpaper on one wall, generally the wall behind the bed, and to use matching colored paint on the remaining wall. However, one can also use a soothing wallpaper on one of the walls. Storage is also an important aspect of the bedroom and from the night stand to the closets and wardrobes one can include lots of storage space. In this design, one can note the placement of cabinets next to the bed and the spacious side tables used with the bed. The use of lighting is also a very good option here. Lighting has been provided from above the bed as well as from below the bed. The false ceiling and lamps kept on the side table as well as the lamps placed under the bed make this room look very cheerful and spacious.

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