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A large and luxurious family home for modern Indians

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From the talented architects at Andre Pacheco Arquitetura, comes this wonderful creation—a robust, castle-like rendition of contemporary design. Marvelous play of elements, interaction of colors and lines in perfect tandem within this chic mansion – shall surely steal your breath.  Not only this, the architect has also ensured that there is plenty of artistic beauty in the space, so that the modern design-scheme thrives on interesting touches. Today, join us in this tour and have a look at this home to get some much-needed style inspiration for your Indian project!

Largesse in the façade

While the home itself may be a simple-sized family one, the largesse comes alive with the sheer scale of its varied elements. Tall, double-height, and circular columns in white front the normal-sized wooden door, with a glass wall on its side. The rooftops also jut out, with large terraces forming where they stop. The vegetation around the patio is typically South American, with a smattering of palms. The grey facade is defined by the white linear contours.

Elegance for the living room

The living room is a play of elegant touches with old-school elements and furniture like the large, director chair-style, one-seaters. The modern good looks of the panels on the mirrored wall also create an interesting space here. The marble floor brings on an ethereal quality along with the low-hanging crystal chandelier.

Entertainment central

The lounge area of the home is done up in white, with robust black couches that one can simply sink right into! The white panels on the two sides hold a wall of beige texture for the television. This creates a cozy nook of sorts.

Linear grand staircase

The grand staircase of the home is a linear one with backlit panels in cream as well as grey-chrome style lines to define each step. The glass railing with the chrome handle looks understated as the staircase disappears into the cloud-like top floor. A futuristic-looking lamp hangs overhead.

Classic modernity in the dining room

The dining room is a play of everything modern, set to a classic beat. The retro style molding of the table and the simple chairs are a classic addition, while luxurious statements like the rectangular and intricate chandelier creates a more modern statement.

Pops of colour

The bar, kitchen and the terrace have vibrant pops of color that help in dressing up the white and wood-paneled space. The kitchen and bar overlook the dining room and add a dash of panache with the red bar stools.

Beautiful terrace

The terrace took us totally by surprise because one would typically not expect such a delightful and expansive space to be tucked into such a narrow sliver. Yet, the architect has done the unthinkable by installing a swimming pool that perfectly fits the dimensions of the terrace and deck. A vertical wall of green makes the entire space come alive!

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