14 staircase designs for a small house

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The biggest challenge in a small house is trying to find enough space for a staircase and still be creative about it. If not planned the right way, stairs can take a large part of your house, and you can lose a lot of precious space.

Here are 14 staircase designs for small houses, recommended and approved by experts:

1. Well-balanced

One of the best staircase designs, this one has two flights, providing enough space on the ground and the upper floor as well.

2. Angular and full of tricks

Whoever said stairs could only be in a straight line wasn’t imaginative enough. If you have a small house, then get creative with your staircase design and move it around according to the rest of the space. 

​3. Hidden with glass

 A big problem with stairs is that their steel or wooden railings often make space look even more smaller. But if you install a glass railing, that would never be a problem

4. A ladder

Why go with the usual brick staircase, when you can build a beautiful wood ladder in your home? This ladder takes a lesson from the other points as well by putting a well-balanced stairway with glass railings to make space seem bigger. 

5. Narrow stairs

If you are really low on space, and you still need a staircase, we recommend going as narrow as possible. For instance, this ladder functions wonderfully without taking too much space. 

6. Focus on the corners

Walk around your house looking for corners that are absolutely unused, and transform them into a staircase.

7. Close the window

Have a completely useless window with no view whatsoever? Then create a staircase over it, and your problem is solved!

8. Spiral design

There is no better design than a spiral staircase for a small house. Make sure you choose durable and dependable material for this because if the staircase is not stable enough, it could lead to injuries. 

​9. Un-structure

 Go wild with your staircase by only adding steps and no connection between them. This will also make your interior look bigger. But only opt for this design if you don’t have any small kids at home.

10. Around the indoor garden

Why move everything else for a staircase when you can move around the stairs according to your convenience? Go for a dark wooden shade like this to make the stairs stand out.

11. Camouflaged staircase

If you aren’t someone who loves putting the staircase on focus, you can choose black colour for your staircase and let the rest of the room interior 

​12. Steep stairs

 If your house is larger in height and lesser in width, you can easily go for little steep stairs to save up on space. But yes, not a good option if you have toddlers

13. Not touching the floor

Make your staircase more fun by building it a bit above the ground. This way you will always have to take a little jump to get to the ground floor.

14. Staircase to the room

Build a staircase which leads to a secret room, and makes your house an enigma wrapped in a riddle.

For more inspirations, check out this ideabook.

Which one of these ideas inspired you the most?

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