13 ideas to light the roof of your house (you'll love it!)

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One of the key decorating elements in our house is lighting. Whenever we are planning a house, we take into account the sunlight coming into the room and then plan artificial lighting all around it.

But our roof lighting doesn’t have to be limited to the usual designs. It’s time to get creative with them with the help of Homify.

Here are 13 ideas to light the roof of your house, recommended by experts:

1. Lights everywhere

A continuous line of lights illuminates this house, both on the roof and the ceiling. The white colour of the wall perfectly aligns with the yellow lighting, giving the entire room a relaxing vibe.

2. Recessed light

This living room, which already has a lot of light coming in from the windows, uses recessed lighting to put the focus on certain parts of the room including the side chair and centre panel. 

3. Geometrical lights

 Take your home’s décor to a whole new level by adding some inspiration. This living room has a stunning geometrical pattern on the roof with lighting all around it, giving the entire space a royal and luxurious look.

4. A band of light

This living room celebrates straight and geometrical lines by adding them everywhere – from the wooden walls to the sofa, and even the lighting. The big band of light illuminates the entire room in the most elegant way possible.

​5. Eccentric lamps

Adding lighting to the roof doesn’t always means LED in the ceiling, you can also take the eccentric route by installing some unique lamps to your home. 

6. Integrated light

 in the hallways When you have a small house or apartment, it's important to choose lights that take the least space possible. That is why look for lights that are bright but still aren’t that big for the room.

7. Light on the perimeters

Almost surreal, this room has light all over the perimeters of the room, and then there are mirrors on one of the walls to spread the light all across space. Not to mention, the beige colour on the walls goes wonderfully with wooden doors.

8. Colour coordination

In this home, the lamp manages to combine with the colour scheme of the house and it adds so much more to the aesthetic of the space. After all, without that black lamp, the dining area just wouldn’t look as good. 

​9. Light as an art piece

 When you use light to create a design, it becomes an art piece in itself. The idea is to use panels with patterns on them which allow soft and diffused lighting to pass, giving the entire room a relaxing feel.

10. The simpler, the better

If you aren’t a fan of big and grand lighting spaces, then we recommend going the simple way with a lamp like this. With the simple dining table and chair, the white lamps fit perfectly.

11. Adjustable light system

An adjustable light system can be used to turn the light bulbs wherever and whenever you need them to be. Though, remember to opt for LED bulbs as they will keep your electricity bill in control. 

​12. Fans with a lamp

Go vintage with your home’s décor by adding fans with an integrated lamp in them. In fact, these kind fans with lamps come in so many designs that you can add them to a modern or tropical décor as well.

​13. Modern lamps and chandeliers

If you live by the rule ‘Go grand or go home,' then we recommend going all out with a chandelier in the middle of the room. Though remember, the chandelier you choose is in proportion to the size of the room.

For more inspiration, check this ideabook.

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