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10 fantastic ideas to cover the facade with stone

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Covering the façade of your home with stones is a smart idea. Apart from making the façade look fantastic, it has other advantages too. Stone covered façade looks attractive, uncommon and it requires very little maintenance.  Since the stones look beautiful in its natural color and texture, you do not have to paint it. This natural material will look amazing naturally.

Today in this idea book, we will share with you some fantastic ideas to smarten the facade of your house using stones. There are many options available in stones to choose from. You can choose it by type, size, colors, textures, the size of the wall to cover and your budget. Have a look at these images of stone covered façade and get inspired.

​1. In combination with other materials

This facade is a beautiful blend of stone, wood, glass and greenery. Two different kinds of stones are used here. The light brown smooth stone that forms the frame of the wall goes well with the wooden flooring. The contrasting color and texture of the front wall covered with grey stones have elevated the look of this facade.

​2. Amazing Highlight

If you want to highlight a certain portion of your facade, cover it with stones. It will give different twist to its look. In this image, the playful use of stones in the facade has made the whole building very attractive.

3. Patchwork of stone

At the entrance of the house and in the terrace, the stones have been used in soft tones. It is giving a different texture and color to the wall and it stands apart from the rest of the area. This little patchwork of stone in white surrounding instantly grabs the attention.

​4. Complementing color

What is special here? The wall of the façade covered with rectangular stones in different tones and shades. The colors of the stones vary from sand to coffee. The colors of stones complement the colors on the wall. The beauty of this façade is in its contrasting details which otherwise would have gone unnoticed.

​5. Grey is modern

Grey patterned stones covering the wall of this facade are making the house look modern. Even the window-frame is of stone. The rest of the wall in white and the metal railings in grey tone are in perfect harmony with the stone wall.

6. When stone dominates the space

Smooth blocks of stones in different shades cover a huge area of this house from outside. This facade would not have looked as impressive as it is now if done with rustic or strong color stones. If you are planning to cover a large area of your facade, be careful with the texture, color and type of stones. Too much of variation in stones will be an eye-sore.

In this house, the large glass windows with wooden frame are uplifting the look of stone.

​7. Classy and elegant entrance

The smooth light grey stone wall is contrasted well with dark grey wall in the entrance of this house. The gravel paved floor with wooden plank completes the look and gives an overall classy touch to it. The interesting lighting arrangement is creating a mystifying environment.

​8. Sensational stone

The irregular stone type used in this façade simply looks sensational. The stylish mix of different shades of stone on the wall with wooden roof-top is making the look of this façade phenomenal.

​9. Stone and wood, a perfect match

A large portion of facade covered in stones was probably constructed to hide the staircase behind. The wooden lattice on both of its side is adding to its beauty. Stone and wood are a match made in heaven. Be creative and you will never go wrong. When you are using stone in your facade, highlight it and use other elements only to complement the stones.

​10. Boundary of stones

In this state-of-the-art building, the facade is a marvelous combination of concrete, brick and glass. The sturdy stone boundary wall in front of the house leaves a powerful impact. It is a very traditional construction where stones have maintained its majesty and importance. The boundary of your house is equally significant and forms a part of your house and facade.

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