8 ideas to create a modern home elements of nature

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If there’s one thing that never goes out of style, it’s nature. The use of materials such as wood and stone brings unmatched warmth to a home. While they have been used for centuries to beautify interiors, they can just as easily be adapted to suit the modernity of urban houses and apartments.

Today, let’s get inspired by visiting a house that creatively uses natural materials and old accessories to achieve a sophisticated ambiance without compromising on cosiness.

1. A natural partition for an open-plan design

Wooden pillars and rafters are usually associated with traditional homes, but instead of using rounded or carved pillars and dark wood, choose lighter tones and straight lines for a modern touch. The large wooden pillar takes centre stage in this room, while it separates the area into four sections with the help of rafters spreading out at ninety degree angles from it. The living room, dining area and staircase are cleverly partitioned with this simple design.

2. An open kitchen that merges with the dining area

The kitchen is modern with modular cabinets. However, the island has a wooden counter top that not only makes it suitable as an informal dining table, but also brings warmth to the space. It helps to connect the kitchen with the dining area, which has a matching wooden table, making the space seem larger than it is. Modern LED ceiling lights are used in the kitchen, while hanging lampshades over the table and counter enhance the natural theme.

3. Path to the street

The flooring in the area uses a combination of wood planks and stone tiles. Notice how the wooden flooring is laid in a linear pattern that makes it seem like it’s a pathway leading to the outdoors? The stone tiles create an elegant contrast, while wood cladding on the walls infuses warmth into the area.

4. Wooden fence

In modern homes, safety is of utmost concern to homeowners. A barrier made with slatted wood protects the main entrance of the home. The open patio has a weather-proof concrete deck decorated with wooden planks for a touch of natural beauty. Instead of flower beds, small granite pieces are used as borders along the walls to achieve a look of stark modernity. It’s also a maintenance-free feature for busy modern lifestyles, which allow no time for gardening.

5. Living room with a view of nature

The wall panelling and flooring in light-toned wood bring a relaxed feel to the living room, and the connection with nature is enhanced by the view of the tree canopies through the window. The television is cleverly mounted in the corner to save space, while an old iron stove is upcycled to serve as a fireplace, adding a touch of industrial modernity to the design of the living area.

6. Roof decoration

Besides the wooden fence in the front, the underneath portion of slanted roofs is clad with strips of wood to provide synergy to the nature-inspired theme of the home. A portion of the lower section of the tiled roof over the fence is left uncovered to bring sunshine into the protected area just outside the home – perfect for catching some winter sun or enjoying views of a starlit sky at night from the safety of an enclosed space.

7. View from the dinner table

Here’s a look at the interiors as seen from the dining table. With perfect symmetry and combination of white walls, warm wood and black, on the staircase support as well as the fireplace, this home is a picture of modern simplicity even though it uses traditional materials.

8. The exterior façade

We end the tour with a look at the house from across the road. The geometric structure with the irregular layout of the slanting roof makes it stand out from other houses in the neighbourhood. However, the use of wooden slats as the safety rail for the wraparound balcony makes the house blend with the trees in the surrounding area. The double-storey design maximises the view of the green surroundings, including hills in the background.

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