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40 ideas to keep your kitchen organized and look fabulous!

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It is a challenge to keep a kitchen clean and organized. The task becomes tougher if the kitchen is small. We have to be extra careful while selecting furniture for small kitchens. It should be perfect to fit in the small space and have the maximum utility without crowding it. In this idea book, we have come up with the best design ideas to get your small kitchen organized and look fabulous. We can assure you that once you have finished looking at these 40 images, you will get enough ideas and inspirations to organize your kitchen.

1. Functional corner drawer

Putting a drawer in the corner space is difficult. But this drawer will perfectly fit in the corner of your kitchen cabinet without any difficulty.

2. Light color for spacious feeling

Light tones have the ability to create a vision of larger and brighter space.

​3. Bright shelves on a wall

Good lighting and proper use of the height will ensure an arranged and modern kitchen.

​4. The little work space

If you add an extended bench to your kitchen counter you can make a multipurpose use of it, just like your study.

​5. The classic combination of black and white

You can build shelves on the wall above the kitchen counter or at the base of it. This will help in keeping the counter clean and organized.

​6. A small dining table

This is the beauty of open and small kitchen! You don’t need to worry about the dining table. With this well integrated kitchen island, you can place everything in a single space, as shown in the image.

​7. Compact design

You love cooking and want a big stove in your small kitchen? You can install a cooking range to give your apartment kitchen a compact and modern look.

​8. Fabulous trendy mosaic on the wall

Decorate the wall with bright color mosaic tiles. A small kitchen should look colorful and vibrant.

​9. Intelligent lighting

Bulbs or lamps embedded under the shelves of small kitchen instead of normal bulbs or big lamps will look great.

​10. Dark color kitchen counter and furniture

The combination of black and white will never go out of style. It is practical and all time favorite.

11. Built-in ovens to optimize space

Built-in ovens on the wall are an excellent choice to save space in your kitchen. It is convenient to use also.

​12. Paint a wall in vibrant color!

Combination of white and yellow is making this kitchen look vibrant, pleasant and cheerful.

​13. Simple and functional

This is a simple and well organized kitchen. It has got everything in a single space, also allowing one to stay connected with family while cooking.

14. Perfect for meetings!

You would really love to have a bar like this! Even your family and friends will wait for an invitation to spend evenings with you.

15. The U-shaped kitchen

The straight and simple design of the furniture makes it appear that there are no drawers anywhere.  But actually it is a large storage space for food and kitchen tools.

​16. Wooden touch

The lighting, the color, and the layout of this kitchen are perfect. Cooking will be an enjoyable experience here.

17. Upper space

In a small kitchen use all the upper area right up to the roof to build the cabinets. You need space to keep the kitchen organized.

18. Kitchen in a cupboard

It sounds weird but this is possible. This cupboard encloses the whole kitchen inside it. All you have to do is open the doors.

19. Super useful

The extension on the work table provides the extra space you need for chopping or placing the items you need for cooking.

​20. A long kitchen

Organize your long kitchen along the length. If the width is less, keep the other side open. It will allow unobstructed movement in the kitchen.

​21. White and wood

No matter how small the kitchen is, choose the color, style and material of your choice to build it.

​22. Opt for the minimalist style

The minimalist design will always look stylish. See it to believe it.

​23. Smart Bar

This bar is especially for wine lovers. You can keep your favorite drinks handy without using any extra space of your kitchen.

​24. Practical design

What more can you ask in a kitchen? Here you see a kitchen, dining room and TV area, all united in a single space.

​25. Custom-made kitchen

Show your personality in the design of the kitchen, be it in the color, furniture or material.

​26. The bottle rack

This is another storage option for wines or alcohol. It will keep them organized and you can find the one you want instantly.

​27. The place for refrigerator

Refrigerator occupies a substantial space in our kitchen. The best way to keep a refrigerator is by aligning with furniture and making it a part of it. In this way a space will be assigned for it and you will get some extra storage space.

​28. Define the area

If your kitchen is a part of a room and you will be using the room for other purposes too, then define the area for each. You can use a work table to close the kitchen.

​29. Design the lighting

A proper lighting can brighten up any space. Instead of just placing one or two bulbs, play with lights. You can use an elongated lighting arrangement. It will look great!

​30. With a modern touch

Be bold in selection of tiles for a contemporary and youthful look.

31. Rustic taste

If you like to give a natural and rustic look to your kitchen, then this one is for you.

​32. Make it beautiful!

Collection of small tiles and a single hanging lamp can make your kitchen look beautiful.

​33. In the end

If you have a long kitchen like this, highlight the space in the end.

​34. Corner table

Having a table fixed to the wall ensures free moving space in the kitchen.

​35. The selection of benches

Choose the bar chairs carefully. Usually they have legs that need a lot of space. Make sure you choose the right one.

​36. Friendly touch

Give a friendly touch to a wall and convert a wall into a blackboard. You can turn it into a message board and even to display menu.

​37. Creating Space

Install a bottomless bar. This will help to keep your benches when not in use and will save you space.

​38. Taking advantage of all space

Each corner is useful! Be creative and do not be afraid to cover each space to make it useful.

​39. Best out of old

Your dad's old desk, long boards and sturdy wooden boxes can become your next kitchen after a touch of paint or varnish.

​40. Spot lights

Place movable spotlights on the ceiling of your kitchen to spot the light where you need it.

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