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15 garage designs to inspire you to remodel yours

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A perfect house covers all our needs, like a nice face, a lovely bedroom, a comfortable bathroom and a cozy kitchen. Vehicles are a part of our everyday lives, and they need a nice place to share with us in our homes. If you have vehicles, then you should have a garage too!

However, garages are the most ignored part of the homes that we do not care about and we simply leave our vehicles covered under a roof and within four  walls. And to make your garage a big part of your home and a useful space, here are simple but great ideas!

1. A garage with a terrace

If you already have a garage built, then why not take advantage of it and transform it into a beautiful terrace garden! You do not have to create a whole new garden, but simple place beautiful pots with colourful croutons or flowering plants and bring nature down to your garage.

2. Have an outdoor kitchen

This design needs a slight modification of the space attached to the garage that can be modified in to a small kitchenette or a barbecue area. This design is perfect if there is even a really small empty space next to your garage!

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

3. A simple garage

This home here has a garage that has been built as an extra room in to the room. It is complete now with a simple blacksmith door that looks protects and beautifies.

4. A makeshift garage

If you did not plan a garage at the beginning of your construction, then simply reintroduce a little concrete in the open spaces for your makeshift garage. It is easy to build and pocket friendly too!

5. Garage with a ramp

Not just the beauty of your home but its functionality matters too. This slope here balances out the difference in height of the basement of the home and the road outside. Bridge the gap with a functional ramp that adds to the style quotient and serves its purpose well.

6. A kitchen within the garage

You could add a kitchen within your garage, especially if your home is a storey one. Turn your patio into a kitchen and install a proper ventilation system too.

Checkout 12 ideas for a perfectly organised kitchen here.

7. With the façade

The façade of this home is irregular lines and shapes to create a unique design. These lines join together to form the roof of the garage to integrate the garage seamlessly with the façade of the house.

8. Home office and garage

With a little creativity, you can include your home office within the garage. Home offices need little space and this space would be just right!

9. A wooden garage roof

Don’t have enough space for an exclusive car garage? Then, just spend a little for a cool, wooden roof that is super chic!

10. Let your imagination play!

Transform your boring garage in to an artistic hub that has enough space to nourish your creative side and to park your car safely in too.

11. An ecological garage

Make the most of your garage by using its roof too. Plant gardens, install solar panels or have anything that you would love to have in your home!

12. Garages for rustic homes

For rustic homes, a stone garage is perfect! You could limestone for an elegant finish or river rock for a relaxed environment. Add a final touch with star like LEDs that reflect off the surface of the stones.

13. A chic façade

Make your modern home more chic with a modern garage. This is a simple but elegant space with wide gates that protect your car and home against the sun and allow sufficient light in.

14. A shady spot for your car to rest in

Another simple way to add a garage space is by including simple wooden or steel railings on your roof that provide enough shade for those sunny afternoons.

15. For multiple cars

If you have more than one car, then do not cramp up the space in front of your home. Here a garage has been divided in to two to accommodate more than one car and at the same time beautifies the home.

15 Garage designs to inspire you to remodel yours. Try them and share your comments.

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