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Wohnzimmer , Egger´s Einrichten INETRIOR DESIGN Egger´s Einrichten INETRIOR DESIGN Eclectic style bedroom
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Some people prefer less buoyant colours to more texture or more layering than others: this, of course always comes down to a matter of personal taste. The current segment will offer a few inspirations that can prove that less colour doesn't always necessarily mean lifeless or listless.

Texture from all corners

A neutral colour tone is defined by shades that are usually in accordance with any other tint of the colour spectrum which means that grey, beige or light brown are among the neutral colours. There is something quite calming and rejuvenating in the many various tones of grey present in this room. It is a bedroom of omnipresent textures such as the white gliding room separators, the head of the bed and the cosy shaggy carpet. Together they bring a very homely setting for this bedroom.

Peaceful working environment

The designer firm, Origami Mobile, that conceived this office room had a peaceful working environment in mind. Neutral tones such a white and charcoal grey are the perfect combination to help the creative minds flow as well as being a calming space where the eye won't wander to colourful distraction. An interesting part of this office is the shelving units that have been mounted to the wall in random positions that creates an asymmetrical movement in the room. Also the pattern of the side of the office desk brings a touch of originality to the room.

Country classic

Another example of neutral tones brought to life with various textures is shown in this picture. Here, the designers have opted for white, soft cream and eggshell colour tones. There is the country and the classic styles present in this bedroom where the antique doors have been purposefully kept in their original form, the romantic four poster metal bed as well as the Georgian style nightstands and vanity desk.

Princess bedroom

This soft rose-grey toned bedroom has quite a regal quality to it: to put it simply it looks like the perfect princess room. The angelic atmosphere in this room is beautified by the elegant and delicate wallpaper pattern that gives a textured feel to the walls, it looks as though it is covered in lace. This room is meant for a calm and restful sleep.

Honeycomb kitchen

Here is an example of a kitchen with a lively honeycomb twist. The hexagonal tiles on the walls of the kitchen seem to be inspired by a bustling bee hive. Since bees are always active during the summer, it can be reflected in a kitchen where a lot of activity happens in this room every day. The neutral tone of grey is used in a multitude of shades to create depth and movement for this kitchen.

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