15 pictures of courtyards in Indian homes

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Courtyards are popular in India. It is not just a design style but a way of life. Courtyards come in splendid designs and are known with different names like Aagan, Wada, Haveli, Deori etc.

Indian courtyards are indigenous and they are made as per the size of the house. The formal and spatial elements fell into an introverted blueprint to create a wonderful area. The simplest of the courtyards in homes have an air of elegance. Their relevance to Indian home is subtle and remarkable.

We bring you 15 pictures of Indian courtyards.Hope you like them. 

1. Longitudinal courtyard

Traditional courtyard design with intrinsic flooring and patio covering and wooden pillars is a definite yes for beautiful home inspiration.

2. Regular Indian courtyard

Most of the courtyards in Indian houses are used to dine and sit together in evening or night for a family get together. 

3. Courtyard Garden

A courtyard with a mini internal garden is an example of how you can easily include the natural elements in your lifestyle and house. 

4. Sit in open

The most formidable example of courtyard is a fully open and free space with no additional furntiture and decor material. This beautiful design can also work well for your terrace garden.

5. Multilevel courtyard

If your space allows you then have a multi level courtyard where you can sit and sip tea at one level and enjoy the gaze in the other one. 

6.. Modern Courtyard

With modern houses getting popular, modern courtyard architecture is not far behind. This is a picture of a modern style courtyard with steel inspired decor. 

7. Harmonious design

A courtyard is a great place to spend time munching or having lunch or dinner during winters. You can always install small plants to brighten up the space. 

8. Simple and organic design

A simple design for courtyard asks nothing more than a few chairs, an open space and a potted plants. Here is a great example to this. 

9. Minimal style courtyard

A minimally decorated courtyard provides you plenty of free space to walk and move. 

10. Ordinary courtyard

The simplest form of courtyards have free airy space, small area to sit and relax and a few potted plants to add a jibe of freshness to the surrounding. 

11. Wide and clear

An interior courtyard with wide open spaces,white walls and high rise ceilings is a great alternative to open courtyards. 

12. Crystal Clear

A clean concept for courtyard designing for homes that are unable to get the outer space for sitting. 

13. Interior courtyard with calming effects

The entire ensemble of this courtyard with wooden flooring and stones on floor is a good example of how you can bring warming and soothing effects to any area.

14. Contemporary courtyard

And modern housing style need contemporary designs for courtyards. Follow this design pattern if your housing scheme allows it. 

15. Front Courtyard

Last but not the least, on this list is this front courtyard from where you can see the entrance of your home, enjoy the rains under shade and play with the kids. 

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Other impressive designs

To lend an aesthetic touch to the exterior of a courtyard house, this central courtyard design can be the right choice as it is full of greenery and acts as the lungs for the house. The irregular, stone tiles on the wall amplify the rustic element and make this place perfect for peaceful interactions with different aspects of nature.

You can end your search for elegant courtyard designs with this beautiful creation. Designed by professionals, the wood panelling on the ceiling and the wooden flooring offer the needed warmth, whereas the vertical garden brings in freshness to the serene ambience. Moreover, the yellow recliner adds a pop of colour and offers a cosy place to relax.

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