Rustic living made simple

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In our modern day and age, sometimes going back to older or more rustic elements can translate into a more simplified and easy living. A rustic feel is usually built around aged or rounded off wooden accents as well as industrial metal fixtures. Here are a few examples to bring a rustic atmosphere to every room mixed with modern touches.

Olden days kitchen

In this picture, there is an olden days and homy feel to the kitchen, since it looks exactly like what a kitchen from over a hundred years would appear like. The aged wood element is present here with the counter tops and storage cupboards. Also the huge overhead aged metallic range hood as well as the pots, pans and kitchen utensils hung on the wall concur with the rustic feel. The kitchen has been modernised with beige colour toned sink that is similar to the rest of the kitchen's colour pallet.

Rustic bed

This picture is quite straightforward and statuesque since this bedroom is furnished with only a bed and no other objects to hinder the modern open effect of the room. The modernity present in this image is shown by the beautiful window shapes and the sturdy wooden beam that support them. Once more wood is utilised for a rustic feel in the windows but the main focus of this bedroom is the wonderful varnished and aged caramel coloured wooden bed. 

Modernism with a rustic twist

This masterfully constructed and designed table is modernism with a rustic twist. The modern elements are represented by the lovely upholstered white dining room chairs and the glass piece that sits over the table's feet. The impressive woodwork of the table's feet are what the rustic twist is about. It looks as though several tree trunks and their branches have been polished and dyed  to support the overhead glass piece. This is a stunning dining room table.

Rustic shower

There is a way to bring a rustic feel to a bathroom and it is showed brilliantly with this image of this showering area.The lovely turquoise coloured tiles are a reminder of the water element already present in every bathroom but it also is an opposite colour to the warm copper toned towel holder and the magnificent rain shower head. Also, aged wood is added to the equation with a storing shelf built next to the rustic shower head.

A charming staircase

There is a great rustic feel to the staircase shown in this picture. It has been built with an old tree trunk that supports all the steps that surround it in a whirlpool motion. Also, the railing of the staircase has been made with an alluring chestnut colour toned metal which blends marvellously well with the rest of this staircase and its surroundings. This design has been made possible by Ri-Novo Natural Design.

Cabin bathroom retreat

A log cabin represents the ultimate rustic style and it is present in this picture of a bathroom. The remarkable woodwork of the rounded off wooden wall logs give a cosy and inviting atmosphere to this bathroom. The modern inputs are those of the glass shower next to the comfortable oval bathtub and the appealing bowl shaped bathroom sink. This room encompasses everything a rustic atmosphere can be like.

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