6 innovative ways to give a stylish edge to your small bathrooms

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People with small bathroom tend to feel frustrated about lack of space as it forces them forgo certain luxuries like a large bathtub, window with a view or simply more elbow room. But do not despair as even though small, narrow bathrooms pose as creativity challenge to bathroom planners their years of experience can help you to recreate at least few of your dreams.

Here are few small bathroom that have designed to perfection by our innovative designers at Homify which can be used as inspiration if you are looking forward improving your small bathroom.

1. Illusion of space

When you are confronted with limited space for the bathroom then there is no other option except to use the advantages of the existing space and carve out the bathroom of your dreams. Faced with only vertical space the bathroom designers have filled one of the walls with colorful tiles and have kept hardware at a minimum. Stylish accents like the blue cabinet below the sleek washbasin,  glass door separating the shower area and special crevice in the wall for toiletries add to the appearance of this trendy bathroom.

2. Rustic and earthy

Do not let minisicule space curb the need for sophistication as bright rustic colors and ethnic design teamed with elegant bathroom fittings turn the dullest of bathroom into regions of earthy beauty. The floating washbasin is trendy while the open shower cubicle designed like a recess in the wall is a perfect space-saving trick. Additions like the bamboo staircase that acts as a towel hanger and bright orange cabinet doors bring harmony to the ensemble.

3. Creating storage space

Creating a traditional storage space within a small bathroom with limited legroom like this will take up extra space making it difficult to step in and out when doors are open. The best thing to do would be to create shelves under the counter and place a small curtain like this to retain privacy. Rustic bathroom like this can also have wooden sliding doors for cabinets below the counter.

4. Color for aesthetics

A tiny space like this looks dull and shabby with neutral tones but with a stylish combination of bright and light tones like its small size can be concealed. Charming mirror, colorful ceiling and pale yellow wall around the shower area form a pleasing blend against neutral tone of the side walls and set the environment for a modern bathroom.

5. Resolutely clean lines

Even though this bathroom is just three square meters, bathroom designers have made clever use of small sanitary fittings, monochrome color palette and large mirror to enhance spatial illusion.

6. Veritcal storage

When faced with small spaces to design the bathroom, designers try to adopt multipurpose solutions in which a single piece of furniture or accessory can meet multiple requirements. This cabinet set above the counter has mirrors on the outer section of the doors allowing the creation of a neat storage space that does not eat up floor space and meets requirement of mirrors too. 

Here are some more Tips to make your bathroom amazing.

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