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7 ways to arrange your TV in your dining room

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As every living room has the television as its focus area other essential elements like decor pieces, furniture and houseplants have to be organized keeping that objective in mind. But having a television poses restrictions as one cannot watch favorite programs when guests are at home as they may have other preferences. 

To avoid this issue you can always move the television to the dining area as that offers more privacy when guests are there and you can always enjoy favorite programs even at mealtimes.

1. Trendy wooden decor

In a simple dining area that is devoid of any decor besides the furniture, people besides family members generally require a topic of conversation that is different from mundane topics like weather and politics. The television here is the chief center of attraction with wooden elements around it as it provides distraction from fruitless conversations and also keeps people busy when food are bring served.

2. Maintaining walking space

Dining rooms are close to kitchens to enable it easy for cook to serve meals to people around the table and there is regular movement of food and people around the region at mealtimes. In view of these circumstances it is best to keep the television a little distance away from the table to avoid accidents. This floating wall unit has the perfectly sized television placed at a comfortable distance to watch programs when guests are in the living room. The small cabinets in the wall unit are ideal for keeping glassware and condiments.

3. Against the far wall

In an industrial style dining as this where island is divided into herb garden and eating area and there is little room for other furniture, placing a television at the far end gives scope for entertainment. The view outside the living room may look enchanting during daytime but when night falls, the only source of entertainment is the television that can be enjoyed by everyone due to its strategic location.

4. Find a strategic corner

Residential suneil Modern dining room



When you are investing in an entertainment system with sound effects then plan the layout with help of a professional. As the dining region is located in a corner the television should be placed at a strategic angle like here to allow everyone to have unrestricted view of the screen while multiple speakers are placed around the chairs.

5. Suspended in space

In a modern dining room as this where every piece of furniture and decor is meticulously color co-ordinated to have a perfect neutral toned setting a television is added only as an afterthought. The conversation in these settings is usually centered on family and business relationships but a television is required to listen to important news updates during emergencies.

6. Part of the decor

Stunning Contemporary Interior Design Works Premdas Krishna Modern dining room
Premdas Krishna

Stunning Contemporary Interior Design Works

Premdas Krishna

In a classic style dining hall as this which is largely designed out of wood and decorative materials, even a large television gets lost amidst the grandeur. In a dining room the focus is generally around enjoying food and sharing thoughts with each other over food or other topics so television is not the centre of attraction as the living room.  Here the closely placed chairs around the table and art pieces shows that the family is more interested in enjoying each other’s company so the television has been fitted into the display case on the side so people can look at it if there is nothing important to discuss.

7. High on the wall

Dining room with a black dining table and chairs Affleck Property Services Modern dining room
Affleck Property Services

Dining room with a black dining table and chairs

Affleck Property Services

When the television is a part of entertainment for people in the dining room and the kitchen like this layout then it should be placed on a higher plane making it easy to view for everyone in the region. The kitchen may be divided from the dining area by a large island but the television set high on the wall is perfectly suited for the region. 

Now that you are aware of the best places to set up television in the dining hall it is ideal that you also gain knowledge about Vaastu tips for your home for good fortune in 2017

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