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When it comes to home staging, Markham Stagers are clearly on top of their game. Since it’s their responsibility to sell a house via furniture and décor, they take their make-it-look-pretty job very seriously. And we should know, for we have stumbled across one of their staging jobs which we are about to share with you. 

For this particular project, their location was a flat in Barcelona which flaunted long corridors, large rooms and several windows which allowed sufficient natural light to flourish inside. With only these as a backdrop, the professional stagers were left to their own devices – and creative juices.

Let’s see what they came up with!

The long entryway

Few spaces are as difficult to style up as a long hallway, especially one that also serves as an entry point into a house/flat (with the importance of “first impressions” and all that). 

However, our experts opted for a “less is more” look by keeping this space clean and bright: light neutral colours on the walls and ceiling, with a hint of decorative items only teasing us from the room down the hallway. 

Let’s investigate further!

Light colours

One of the flat’s strongest points was its lightly toned wooden floors, and it’s clear that our home stagers worked around this selling feature in two ways. They opted for simple and modern furniture with a certain Scandinavian touch, and they combined this with a palette of light colours to accentuate the natural light flowing indoors.

Only hints of bolder colours pop out here and there for visual effect, as we can see by the scatter cushions and house plants.

Empty spaces for potential

One of the key secrets to successfully staging a house is to allow potential buyers to imagine themselves in it. That is why the furniture and decorative items in this house are so lightly toned (save for select pieces, of course) and spaced apart, which goes a long way in letting us imagine ourselves living in here with our own furniture and décor items. 

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A touch of darkness

Don’t misunderstand us: we love a good batch of light neutrals, but it’s quite easy to go overboard with all those whites and creams. The result? A clinical look that is neither sexy nor stylish. 

Which is exactly why we’re so excited about the darker hues that appear in the window frames, dining chairs, ceiling pendants, etc. And to be perfectly honest, after viewing the choices in furniture, patterns, colours and textures, we wouldn’t want to see this flat furnished up in any other way!

A huge layout

Standing in the dining area allows us a direct view of the long hallway which leads to the front door. And only now does the sheer size of this flat come into full effect – this space is actually quite big! 

And the fact that such a huge layout goes hand in hand with such stylish and contemporary furnishings only enhances its potential that much more!

Enjoying the view

Although this high-rise flat doesn’t have an exterior balcony, it has plenty of windows which look out onto the surrounding cityscape. Thus, what other choice did these expert stagers have but to pull up a (most stylish) chair, a brightly toned floor lamp and a handful of décor pieces to conjure up an elegant little resting spot to enjoy the view? 

A very ingenious touch that works on both an aesthetic and practical level!

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