Affordable home: Simple and beautiful, this house has it all (and it's affordable too!)

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For any first time house owner or young parents, a home has to meet a pretty strict set of criteria. It must be practical, affordable, and of course, it has to look great as well. Luckily, the architects at MARLEGNO PREFABRICATED WOODEN BUILDINGS responsible for this particular design have ticked all of those boxes, and struck the right balance between modest, modern and magnificent.

The home we are featuring today is actually a prefabricated building, but don't let that deter you away from the fact that it's a brilliant design. It's a smaller building that is economical and easy to maintain. And thanks to the thoughtful layout inside, it has enough room for a spacious kitchen, a comfortable living room, as well as the usual bedrooms and bathrooms. What's best of all, is that there is even an integrated garage. 

Let's not delay, we will give you a closer look to see just what makes this house practical, pretty and practically perfect! 

Affordable homes: Simple and beautiful, this house has it all (and it's affordable too!) 

Simply irresistible.

It's safe to say that most of us love simplicity. Especially when it comes to homes and domestic life. Starting with the exterior, this home features all of those things we love: it's easy to clean, easily accessible, and of course, it's easy on the eye! 

The concreted edges of the patio space are sharp and precisely finished—there are no annoying curves or fussy bits to clean or to mow around. The windows are also low enough to clean, and the glass doors keep movement unrestricted. Spotlights installed around the building keep safety a priority as well.  

Turning utilitarian into unique.

Moving inside, the living room is equally utilitarian and user-friendly, but with touches of personality added to make sure it stays interesting. Even while a majority of the furniture is cream, white or beige in the room, the lilac curtaining and feature wall make everything a touch more feminine and intimate. 

Adding an unusual shade like this, is a quick and easy way to make sure your home stays unique. 

And turning odd into opportunity.

The trick to maximizing space in smaller homes is to keep the kitchen and dining room open plan, and flowing into one another. If there was to be a division between the living and cooking quarters, the whole house would feel cramped and claustrophobic. But this layout with the kitchen running along one wall and the dining table opposite fits perfectly with this modestly sized space. 

Alternatively the owners could install a kitchen island and cooker in the middle of the room turning it into a feature of it's own. 

Practically perfect.

The usefulness of having a garage attached to the side of a house is undeniable. And we don't just mean to park a car into—they also make great storage spaces! With a layout like this one, you can easily set up several sets of shelves to have around the garage walls for organizing tools and garden accessories on.

We told you: this house really does have it all!  

If you want to see proof of how sometimes less is more, take a look at this prefabricated home

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