14 glass door ideas to make your bathroom shine

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Are you looking for options to give a new look to your bathroom without going for complete renovation? A simple and effective way to change the look of a bathroom is just add or change the shower or bath doors. It will change the look. A glass door will give the bathroom a modern and stylish makeover. Apart from looks, it will reduce the splattering of water all over the bathroom. So, less area to clean! 

But before you start planning about the budget and renovation, think about how exactly you want your bathroom to look. To assist you we have compiled 14 different styles of glass doors to choose from. Get some ideas before you begin the change.

​1. Framed door

Always count the space you have, so that in addition to the utility, the shower doors should look beautiful. What we like in this design? It is the metal frame and brass handle. It has enhanced the look of the bathroom and its value too.

​2. Closing Part

To segregate the bath area from the rest of the room, a door is not always required. You can choose a glass screen to separate it. You will get a separate bathing area within the room. For a small bathroom, choose completely transparent glass. It will drain the light and make the room look spacious.

​3. Glass with openings

It is a smart solution of using a glass door to protect water from spilling out of the shower area and allowing steam to escape from the top. Choose a style and have some clear idea while renovating a bathroom. Then plan according to your budget and details you need.

If you need help, go for it! Consult an architect or professional before you begin the renovation. They will help you in selecting the style and material most suitable for you and your requirements.

​4. Round glass

A round shower door in the corner of the room is an excellent choice. This door can be opened both ways and is perfect for small spaces. It will give an impression that the bathroom is quite spacious.

​5. Floor to ceiling

A good part of our morning and evening schedules are spent in bathroom. A bathroom is also a place which is often shared by all or several members of a family. So it is essential to consider both its utility and aesthetic when renovating it.

While choosing the shower doors, consider the level of maintenance it will need. A floor to ceiling door, like in this image has huge advantage. It can keep the heat trapped in the shower area. But the disadvantage is that it will trap the moisture also which must be cleaned more often.

​6. Almost Invisible

It is an ultra modern design, a glass door without a frame or handle. This minimalist design allows light to flow and ensures a bright and shiny bathroom.

​7. Privacy ensured

If you love your privacy even in a private space, replace clear glass with frosted glass. But this will reduce the light coming into the shower cubicle and you will have to balance it out with interior lighting. In this bathroom, one side of the shower cubicle is used to hang a mirror for the sink.

​8. Hexagonal design

If the space is really small, the designing should be so that every inch of it is used. The challenge is to make it look beautiful. A hexagonal shower door is a great solution for this challenging space. This will be a good alternative to a round door. A contemporary design, this can fit perfectly in the corner.

​9. Excellent Grey

Experimenting with colors will be a good change. Here, a semi-frosted grey glass brings in strong character for men’s bathroom.

​​10. Sliding Doors

Typically there are two types of doors, one which opens both ways and the other which opens only one way. But if you room is very narrow, you can install a sliding door. It will be a space-saver!

11. Amazing opaque

In this image it is a glass panel and not a door. This is giving plenty of open space in the bathroom. You can play with frosted glass for that stylish design and a little added privacy in the shower area.

​12. Playing with interior

Be creative with the interior of shower area to make an unusual use of your glass door. Give the shower space an interesting makeover, may be a wall with natural stones and mystic lighting, and admire its beauty from outside.

​13. Symmetrical doors

This ultra-modern design of shower cabin has made a simple bathroom look very elegant. The double symmetrical glass doors, long enough to touch the ceiling, have thoroughly utilized the narrow space.

​14. Beauty in uniformity

Another way to change the look of a bathroom is by coating the entire surface of the space with the same coating material. To take the advantage of common lighting, separate the shower area with a very simple and small glass separator. In this way, your bathroom will look spacious and beautiful.

Which shower doors inspired you the most? We are eager to know.

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