12 inspiring staircase designs to remodel yours

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We normally do not think much about the stairs in our house, but they are always there. We go up and down the stairs multiple times every day and are an essential component of nay home. While they have a practical purpose, they can also add to the aesthetic of your home. Most stairs are boring, but they do not have to be. Nowadays, you will find many unique and elegant stair designs to complete your home and make it look as beautiful as you desire.

Here is a look at 12 beautiful stair designs to inspire you to remodel the stairs in your home:

1. Create a magical corner by harnessing the shape of your stairs

In most houses, the bottom of the stairs is left empty, causing you to lose a visually attractive area. Adding a few simple touches, like a cute dressing table with mirrors, a table with a vase, a few pieces of art or a collection of decorative items that you want to show off will help transform this often-neglected space.

You should also make sure that the colour of your staircase matches the palette as well as the materials that you have used around your home, so that the space coordinates perfectly with the rest of your home.

2. Light up the stairs

Instead of trying to make your stairs inconspicuous as possible, you should give them their own lighting. This illumination will create a fantasy effect and bring in more light to your home’s entrance area. Combining a dream floor, a chandelier and well-thought out furniture can create an elegant, classic atmosphere. Modern interiors should have well-lit stairs – they are practical, especially if your entrance area does not get much natural light and you want to get more light in it.

3. Give your stairs practical function

Stairs will undoubtedly take up space and when you have a small house or apartment, the more square meters you can release, the better. For this, it is not only ideal to have smaller stairs, but also use them for practical function. For example, you can create storage space under your stairs for books, magazines, etc. You could even create a mini bar for your home.

4. Create stairs with an organic shape

Ladders do not have to be limited to the steps and railing. If you want an organic shape, much like a sculpture, you can add wood detailing that will contour them as they frame the wall.

You should take the needs of your family into account when building your stairs. If you have small children or pets, you will need your stairs to be more resilient and protective than you would if you are single or just a couple living in your home. This will help in defining your needs and consequently, the type of stairs you need at home.

5. Spiral stairs are classic

Many homes still have spiral staircases – they have somehow endured over the decades and cannot seem to go out of vogue. If you are looking for a staircase that will look beautiful, even after many years, you should use this staircase design and keep away from unsightly steps and railings. A wooden design can encircle your staircase and give it a sculpture-like look in itself.

6. Accessorize to breathe life to the center of your staircase

In addition to the design of your staircase, you should take care of the details that surround it, such as the material as well as the lighting. You can install a long candelabra that adapts perfectly to the stairway’s form so that it gives the effect of the railing wrapping it.

You can add visual interest by adding an interesting lamp or chandelier to the centre of your stairs. This will also give this area more light and brightness.

7. Use pure glass

If you have a home with a contemporary design and décor, a staircase made of pure crystal or glass will have a striking effect. Glass stairs are especially ideal for small houses as it lets light through and gives the effect of more space than you actually have. This is a unique design for avant garde homes that have simple and minimal yet striking touches all over.

8. Add a natural touch

Placing plants and flowers in different areas of your house will not only provide fresh oxygen for you to breathe but also add a lot of beauty to the environment. You can use indoor plants and flowers to decorate your stairway and give your home a natural touch that never goes out of style.

You can hire a designer the attain the look that you desire.

9. Try a geometric railing

The railing of a staircase plays a vital role in the overall design. F you want to create a modern look in your house, incorporate geometric shapes to your stairs’ railings. The effect will be quite amazing.

10. Add a spotlight

If you have space in your staircase, take advantage of it and add a unique light fixture that highlights the design of your stairs. This spotlight will take your guests by surprise whenever they climb up the stairs.

11. Give your staircase a fresh, modern look

There is nothing quite like the combination of a well-designed staircase and the right decorative touches. You can bring in freshness with loads of contemporary aesthetic to your home with stone stairs, large glass windows and indoor plants at the bottom of the stairs. It is simple but sure to grab everyone’s attention.

12. Add color and brightness

Make your staircase stand out by using bright, colourful fabrics on your railing. For example, you can use an awesome Mexican design for the rail with coloured plastic strands. If a neutral palette is more dominant in your house, this is a fabulous way to give it a splash of colour.

As you can see, staircases can be far from boring. With a little creativity and effort, you can create unique and beautiful designs for your staircase and make your house look stunning.

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12 Inspiring stair designs to remodel. Try them and share your comments.

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