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6 types of wall paints that you can choose from

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Knowing how to choose a suitable wall paint and how to use different interior wall paints can save a lot of time, money, and effort. This guide offers some good tips for using wall paints which we're sure will help you figure out which paint is most suitable for which room or surface. Some paints are extremely smooth or shiny, while others are more matte and rough so it helps to know which one to use to get your desired result. 

We hope you will gather some helpful information here and enjoy the pictures. Please don't forget to leave us some feedback in the end. Now, let's browse through these painting tips shall we? 

1. Satin finish

The satin finish is popular, yet hardly understood. Essentially, the finish is a mix of matte and gloss. The result is a gorgeous soft sheen. Do not use satin finish on walls with lots of imperfections though, because it will really show. 

2. Matte paint

Matte paint is one of the most common interior wall paints to use. It's most ideal for a simple, down-to-earth feel as it doesn't have any shine or sheen to the finish. Application is easy, but it usually takes more than a single coat to get a good solid colour. A brush or a roller can be used to apply matte paint, and it works well to cover flaws on the walls.

3. Matte enamel

Matte enamel is very similar to matte paint, but tends to be far more long-lasting. It rarely requires retouching unlike matte paint, and is much easier to clean, making it ideal for children's rooms and kitchens. Matte enamel can be applied in the same way as matte paint and has a similar visual effect as well. 

4. Eggshell finish

The eggshell finish has a very subtle shine and is ideal for covering wall imperfections as it doesn't have the smoothness of the satin finish. Application is easy and often covers the wall well with a single coat, making it a practical choice for a lot of people. 

5. Semi-gloss finish

Semi- gloss finish is ideal for heavy use such as in bathrooms where the constant moisture in the air can damage wall paint easily. It offers a hard finish and is easy to clean with just soap and water. With semi-gloss it's easy to achieve a good covering with just a single coat. However, keep in mind that shiny paint highlights imperfections. Last but not least, both semi-gloss and eggshell finish cover more surface area with less paint compared to matte paint. 

6. Gloss paint

Gloss paint can be used on most walls, but many people prefer to use it on woodwork because of it's high shine. Gloss paint can be challenging to apply as it usually requires more than a single coat and imperfections are very difficult to cover up as it is very shiny. Shiny paints also take longer to dry so you need to plan your painting time with hours of drying time between coats. 

We hope you've managed to get some good painting tips for your home here. For more DIY inspiration, have a look at DIY interior decorating tips. 

Which tip did you find most useful? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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