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7 pictures of living rooms with TV

VERO CONCEPT MİMARLIK Modern living room
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Living room is the most special space of any home. Every owner wants it to look the best. There are a number of criteria you need to consider when decorating a room. With living room, we are extra cautious. We all want our living room to be comfortable, spacious, organized and tidy. But above it, we all want it to look modern and stylish. This can only be achieved by integrating the details of the room. The furniture, accessories, color balance… everything together combines to make a room look great. But what if the architectural features of your living room is not suitable for every decoration? What course would you follow?

In this idea-book, we have brought 8 inspiring ideas from Turkey to decorate the small halls. You will love these ideas of well-planned living rooms. Maybe it can also be an inspiration for your living room.

​A decorated simple lounge

You don’t always need staggered accessories or large and elaborate architectural features to make the hall look amazing. A medium or small room can stand out with right decor. The striking element that is making this room stylish is its wall decoration and chic furnishings. The satin upholstered seat matches perfectly with the design of the room. Its colorful tone gives a refreshing look. Illuminated wall design completes the decor of the hall. If you want a striking wall decoration for your hall and need some ideas for it, you can consult the interior designer.

​A careful design

This lounge has lot to inspire. It is a carefully crafted design with ceiling décor, appliqués, wall-integrated television unit and beautiful curtains and tapestry. Even if you think that your room is not spacious enough for stylish decoration, this image will inspire you to rethink. The ceiling décor and lighting in particular can be imitated and applied to every room. It will look elegant.

Modern, stylish and practical

The beauty of this living room is in its modern style, synchronized color scheme and well-designed and coordinated furnishings. It simply stands out. If you like comfort with modern touch, then this design will certainly appeal to you. The accessories, color harmony, stylish furnishings and proper lighting can turn even a problematic space into a beautiful living area.

​Spacious design in a small space

The biggest challenge one faces in decorating a small hall is to make it look spacious. It can be achieved to a certain extent by choosing light colors, wide windows, alternative lighting and minimalist style. This room is designed according to it. A splash of light from the ceiling, simple furnishings and accessories, large windows and a single plant in the corner is making this room elegant.

​Comfortable corners of the living room

Use modular furniture if you have a small hall. It saves space, creates practical seating area and looks great. In this decor, a stylish corner seat teams up with an L-shaped sofa. It’s an ideal decoration for a small living room. The French windows, wooden floors and light color are giving a refreshing feel.

​Compact units

The most striking detail of this living room is the compact unit attached to a wall. Television unit, wardrobe, bookcase and fireplace, all are fitted on the same wall. It saves space and looks elegant. You can plan a similar unit for your small living room.

​Comfortable space in one bedroom modular house

The single-person modular house which is slowly gaining popularity the world over is quite a challenge to decorate. But if you like to decorate a small living room, you would love to decorate a modular house. The only point to consider is to keep the style modern and minimal. Decorate it with simple functional items and accessories that do not crowd the space.

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