8 pictures of master bedrooms to inspire you

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Designing a modern yet comfortable bedroom is something that everyone of us struggles to achieve. Master bedrooms need to be cozy and warm to help us relax and unwind, after all, they are our personal sanctuaries. 

To reflect your personal style in your bedroom, here are 8 different design suggestions that we have put together.

1. Private and precise

If you are someone who wants their bedroom to be a luxurious secluded room then this particular design is perfect for you. This master bedroom features a comfortable king size bed along with semi-transparent glass walls separating the bathroom. The matching wall and furniture color help brighten up the room.

2. Using different elements

Giving your master bedroom a unique touch by adding different elements is exceptionally easy to achieve. Like seen here, the designer has used a wooden bed but has accessorized the space by adding metal lamps and vintage bulbs on the top.

3. A bedroom with a private garden

If you love greenery and waking up to the smell of fresh flowers, then why not make it possible by adding a private garden with an entry through your bedroom? Design your bedroom alongside an open deck or small area where you can create a small garden.

4. A nautical bedroom

If you love the sea, then design your bedroom to look like a captain’s cabin. In this room, the designer has used the two major nautical colours—navy blue and off-white. The signature nautical stripes have also been incorporated through the stripes on the bed sheets. 

5. Grand headboards

To change the decor of a bedroom it is not always essential to redesign the entire thing. All you need to do is to come up with amazing ideas for your headboard and also change the position of the bed. This will give your room a completely new look without having to spend much time or money.

6. Wall decor

Another great way to design your bedroom is by adding a focal wall. By this, we mean that the wall that has your bed and headboard placed onto it should feature a magnificent painting or a bold color, to make it stand out.

7. Geometric shapes

For bedrooms that do not have straight walls, using geometric angles in design is an excellent idea. Like in this room the entire storage is designed keeping the shapes of the wall in mind, which would help you utilise every square inch of the available space.

8. Readers den

If you love reading books and want to incorporate a bookshelf in your bedroom then a high-rise shelf like this one can be a great addition. It can convert your bedroom into a personal library and a reader's den.

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Which one of these bedroom ideas inspired you the most?

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