8 pictures of kitchens that save space and money

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Kitchens are the most important aspects of any Indian household. Designing a fully functional kitchen can sometimes be more difficult than we fathom. A kitchen should always be designed so that it is multi-functional and one must make sure that the space is properly utilized. Today, we share with you 8 ideas from Turkey which will help to make your kitchen a better place. 

1. Cupboard drawers

Making your kitchen look organized yet functional can be achieved by adding similar cupboard drawers. These drawers can be lined up vertically and hidden behind a door. They would also help keep all your items within reach yet out of sight.

2. Double drawers

There are numerous small things that we store in our kitchens. Whether they are kitchen tools or cleaning accessories, these double decker drawers are the perfect way to organize miscellaneous stuff like that.

3. Creative wall shelves

Another great trick to make your kitchen fully functional is by adding wall shelves. These shelves can be customized and can also be placed anywhere you desire to give you better access and additional storage.

4. Folding dining tables

Most of the time it is only us who have our meals in our homes. So adding a small folding dining table to your kitchen counter or island will give you that additional space that you require when you have guests over. This is not only a great space saving trick but will also allow you to eat near your kitchen when you are alone or in a hurry.

5. Kitchen bars

A bar unit is necessary for every home, especially if you love having guests over. If you don't know where exactly you should be placing a bar, then trying out similar dead corners of your kitchen can be a perfect idea.

6. Pull-out drawers

Adding pull-out drawers to your kitchen can help you maximise storage space. We all have counters that acquire a large portion of our kitchen but the space beneath them is usually not utilized to the fullest. To be able to use this space well and add more convenience to the entire working experience adding pull-out drawers are the perfect option.

7. Multi-purpose kitchen islands

Kitchen islands are a must these days as they provide additional preparation surface for us. But instead of going for a big blocked island, go for a multi-purpose one that can also serve as a storage unit. Like in this picture the island is also used as a crockery and cutlery cupboard giving your better and quick access to the things.

8. Kitchen utensils

Another way to create multi-functional space is by adding hooks around your kitchen. This can be a great alternative for shelves as you can directly hang all the utility items on the wall itself. The colourful utensils also add a new dimension to the decor and help make the place livelier.

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