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The dream for every booklover is to place his or her books in a properly laid format and well-defined layout. A book lover is always on a lookout for a highly functional bookshelf that can easily store all his collections and prospective collections as well. Just like other prices of furniture, a bookshelf too comes in a variety of designs and patterns. There is so much you can do with wooden furniture. There is something for every household, for every age and for every capacity. So today we bring you some cool designs that can help you place and store your books in a highly fashionable and quirky manner. These examples surely make your books feel special and will even accentuate the house with their noble mannerisms and sturdy looks. From wooden to metallic to even suspend bookshelves, modern times have made everything possible even for small and cramped areas. Let’s get started.

Portable bookshelf

A portable bookshelf is the one that is not confined by space. It can easily be moved into any room on any floor and at any height. This style is highly imperative to those who keep changing their house layouts. It is also handy for people who are always on the move and stick to their books wherever they go. Easy to carry, these bookshelves do not need a permanent stationary position. They can either be manoeuvred with hands or on wheels. It can even be done using DIY ideas as well. If you have an unused door, try carving blocks and squares in it for storing books. Paint it in the colour of your choice and place it against the wall. These bookshelves can easily lean against any wall and can be placed in any room of your choice.

Concealed bookshelf

A bookshelf might not always be exposed. It can even be covered or concealed by the use of wooden or glass panels. A covered bookshelf looks neat and well appointed especially in a country style or modern household. For a house that has kids and toddlers, covered bookshelves act as a boon as kids are more likely to spoil all your exposed collections. The covered bookshelves do not come in plain and simple wooden patterns. They even come in trendy colour combinations that give the room a chic feel. Just like the picture, you can arrange for a white and black display and accentuate the look with contrasting furniture. It gives a pure industrial feel to the room and will blend in well with the overall design, which seems like one single unit.

Quirky bookshelf

Quirkiness has no limits. Especially in bookshelves, a quirky pattern surely assimilates a lot of admiration and appreciation. Quirky patterns are popular in all modern households. They are different, they are colourful and they are interesting. With changing times, the book storage patterns have also changed. No one wants to have an old bookshelf that generally mellows down and rather tarnishes the overall look of the place. A bookshelf should not impart a studious look rather impart a cool and chic stance that might provoke even the non-readers to give a shot at books. Try incorporating quirky bookshelves like the one above designed by Atelier 010,  that speak volumes about designs and modernity. Also make asymmetrical drawer sizes, some exposed come covered and try using trendy colours for maximizing the effect. You can even store DVD’s, VCD’s and cassettes along with different books.

Space saver bookshelf

A space saver bookshelf is highly desired in a household that has a shortage of space. Ideal for city inhabitants, the space saver bookshelves make use of the otherwise unused areas of your house and converts them into a highly functional area. For example, a space saver bookshelf can be created in your attic or cellar area, It can also be built in the area under the stairs which usually goes unused. Once you have built the bookshelf, you can convert that area into a cosy study room or home office for maximising the utilization of space. Make sure to use different shapes and asymmetrical sizes for utilising the whole area. Try placing storage lamps for effective lighting and for quick scrolling between the pages. You can even make use of simple wooden shelves on empty walls and use them as a book storage region.  Having the same array of shelves at different heights can make an interesting sight to watch.

Bookshelf for kids

Children need smart and playful patterns in their rooms. Especially when you are preparing your child for studies, try to keep the boredom at bay and let him indulge in more funny patterns and trendy colours. This can be achieved by using colourful displays and trendy bookshelf patterns. There is no better way to motivate your child for reading than by introducing him to quirky bookshelves. Along with colours, you can also add musical and audio-visual effect to the bookshelves for added enthusiasm. Creating bookshelves in the form of cartoon characters, figurines and even natural plants and trees will help your child deal with this new invention easily. There are even compact bookshelves available for smaller rooms. Available in various suspended and hanging forms, they do arouse a lot of curiosity and fun in your kid.

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​Asymmetrical vertical bookshelves

The latest bookshelves are no way close to the symmetrical geometrical shapes and straight patterns of the past. The design as well as the creation has changed manifold pertaining to the space constraints and change in mentalities. Vertical bookshelves have gained immense importance, especially in city houses as they are less wide and make appropriate use of the vertical space. These bookshelves are also designed in new and contemporary patterns to make reading an interesting and enticing task for you. This activity promotes reading and beckons even the non-readers towards its captivating designs. Vertical bookshelves are suitable for both bedroom and living room and if done in a little perky fashion, can even make their way to Kid’s bedroom as well. Try using fun colours and shapes that go along with your home décor. You may also enhance the beauty of these shelves by placing colourful collectibles at regular intervals.

Which bookshelve design suits your home/study the best? Let us know in the comments below.
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